Author Topic: FAQ: How Do Events and Chains Work?  (Read 813 times)

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FAQ: How Do Events and Chains Work?
« on: January 22, 2009, 10:57:50 AM »
How do events and event chains work?

An event is evaluated for execution when the party enters a square that the event is attached to. If the party meets the criteria for the event, then the event occurs. There are many different types of criteria, outlined above, that affect the events.

Events can be defined to happen only once during the game, or happen every time the event's criteria is met. Planned combat events and traps tend to fall into the former category, while random encounters and informational items tend to fall into the latter, though there are exceptions. The defaults tend to be pretty good for creation of events that don't lead to a party's being able to milk lucrative events.

2 or more events in a single square can be connected through a "chain" that allows for creating rich events or modifying what happens to the party based on previous actions.

A chain between 2 events can take one of 3 forms: always, follow on success, follow on failure. Once the chain stops, subsequent events do not happen. However, failure of an event *does not* break the chain, only the logic of whether to follow the chain can do that. Also, do once is considered a *failure* after the first time, so a subsequent always event will be evaluated, and if it is not a do once event, it can happen again.

For example, if event A is a do once event (like, get a message if they search and keep them from entering the square) and you want event B, which is supposed to happen only if event A fails, to be evaluated for happening only once, you must set the only done once field, or it will happen every time the party crosses the square and meets the success criteria.

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