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Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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Alright I'm playing a hacked version of Unlimited Adventures using the game: the Realm which itself consists of 40 games which were published modules.  I'll detail my experiences and TPKs here.  For entertainment purposes, generally the last lines from every party are most worth reading.

Party 1:
The intrepid band of adventurers starts in the East part of the realm.  3 Clerics and 1 Mage.  They search about trying to find adventure not realizing they have not memorized any spells or bought any equipment.  They come across a town in which a hag has kidnapped 2 children and the 3rd child will be captured again by daylight, and its up to the adventurers to find the hag's friends and stop them from abducting a third child.

Well our trepid adventurers couldn't find where to go so they started search each square of the map.  However, since travelling to a square normally takes 1 minute, now it takes 10 minutes due to searching.  Suffice to say the adventurers tried their best to help but couldn't find the evil Faerie passage and a 3rd child was kidnapped and adventurers failed miserably.  Oops!

Next, the party hear about the Slave Lords and decide to go and try to help.  They somehow make their way to this island.  And go far to the left near this red stuff near a mountain.  Unfortunately it was lava, and all the party members died.

Party 2:

This group of 4 also hears about the Slave lords and decides to visit that Island in chaos as well.  Instead of visiting the big castle from the front, our adventurers decide to approach it from the back.  Apparently, once they enter the city then cannot exit or they will not be able to leave the island.  Meanwhile slaves are escaping and slaying some former slave masters.  A strange armed fellow approaches the party and apparently we knew him and talked to him before and he joins the party for some reason (we have no idea why although we won't complain). 

Shortly after a group of slavers comes and attacks the party.  Our brilliant wizard who didn't really understand the controls casts sleep and causes himself and another party member to slumber.  The other party members (save our new member, a thief) don't have weapons or spells or armor but try their best fighting armed guards bare handed. 

Well suffice to say, everyone died after about 6 rounds and the Slavers were victorious

Party 3:

The third party taking the advice of the mighty gods decided to visit the South Realm instead of the East, being told that that land was ripe for young adventurers to gain power and fame to visit other lands.  On the first square, our adventurers were told about a far away island to stop a chieftan from messing up the Merchant Guild's trade routes.  Luckily though, our adventurers were given a place to buy weapons and armor and to sleep to memorize spells before the journey and there was much rejoicing!

Our adventurers make it to the island and are given a whistle to signal the ship when the mission is complete.  The party only has 5 days to complete the mission.  So our party goes about exploring the jungle to find a pack of wild boars, still not being very familiar with the controls, I have the party members cast some cause light wounds and use the "quick option."  Unfortunately a couple of party members died to the wild boars and later a group of white apes came and convertedthe remaining 2 members to brunch on Planet of the Apes.

Party 4:
Hearing tales of the mysterious jungle island with the jungle-orcs.  A second group of adventurers is recruited by the Merchant's guild to stop the chief from messing up the trade routes.  This party contains 6 adventurers (5 clerics and 1 mage).  The thinking is that having excess members will allow some to die but still complete the mission.  This time the party defeats one wild boar while the other flees.  Still being a new user, I activate the quick option against the white apes again.  This time the party fights very hapazardly, rather than concentrate  their attacks on one ape, the party members just attack whatever ape is nearby them.  As a result this party becomes lunch on the Planet of the Apes.

Party 5:
This party, determined not to suffer the same fate as the other 2 groups of adventurers decides to go to the island, and not use the quick combat option, but rather manually cast every spell and aim every ranged weapon.  Concentrated firepower will surely defeat those white apes!  But alas, the 4 white apes with multiple attacks are more than a match for a 1st level party, and thus this party becomes dinner on the Planet of the Apes.

Party 6:
The Merchant's guild being visibly annoyed at having 3 previous sets of adventurers fail, is suspicious of another group of adventurers claiming to be able to do the job well.  This group hearing tales of the ferocious white apes, decides to run away from them as soon as they're met.  Luckily when those vicious carnivorous apes attacked this party,5 members were able to get away.  Unfortunately, there is some code rule about too many adventurers fleeing from the same square or something, and while Brighton the cleric was at the edge of the battlefield, trying to escape, he could not.  And so Brighton was quickly mauled to death.  And since everyone else had run away, Brighton was irretrievably gone.  Bye Brighton!  The rest of the party although sad was relieved that they had eliminated an encounter that had claimed so many others. 

Soon though, a giant lizard was hungry and decided to pay the adventurers a visit.  with only 19 hp and 2 AC, the 5 adventurers were very confident that they could defeat it.  When members started falling, they were quickly bandaged for later.  Unfortunately when it came down to 2 members, the Cleric and the Magic-User realized that they couldn't win and that it was time to flee!  But the Lizard quickly gobbled up the remaining members and packed the unconscious members for breakfast for the next day.

1. I could have sworn that the game said that Drums on Fire Mountain was for characters levels 1-3, but apparently:    the adventure was for characters levels 5-8.  Oops!

2. The Creators of Unlimited Adventures took some liberties with the ruleset.  The Light spell is conspicuously missing for clerics.  It allows someone to blind a creature causing them to suffer +4 AC penalty and -4 to attack.  The reverse of the third level spell of Cure Blindness, Cause Blindness, is available.  My guess is that the creators have moral objections to having a 1st level spell have the same effect as a 3rd level spell.  I would point out that this is already present with Light and Continual Light.  With Continual light though, the duration is permanent.  I really wish that the creators did not tamper with the rules as 1st edition is already far from perfect.

3.  Morningstars are 2 handed here, but I thought they were one handed.  Regardless, I'll be using flails from now on.

4.  It would be nice if magic-users could select their own spells rather than having the same 4 assigned every time.

5.  The next group of adventurers will try very hard to find quests that involve on picking on creatures smaller and weaker than themselves.

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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Party 7:

Part 1
Our bright and cheery adventurers travelled to the south, although there were many places we'd like to go, we could not because our party simply wasn't high enough level!  Sorry townsfolk harmed by lizardmen, and peasants besieged by brigands!

Anyway, we found a town that apparently had a Temple of Elemental Evil nearby, but we had a real tough time finding it.  We managed to convince a 1st level fighter and a 5th level thief to join our first level party.  Upon entering the territory of this "Temple of Elemental Evil" a couple of agents of chaos or whatever attacked our party.  Our new 1st level fighter buddy ditches us, but we win the battle.  Once we get back to town this below par intelligence fighter talks about how he got a sword from his brother and is 5th level with -1 AC, much better than the rest of the party.

Well, we get waylaid again by this evil fighter and his agent of chaos buddies in town.  We defeat them but have several party members drop to 0.  Apparently you can bandage buddies far away from you, and that's how no one died.  Again, we didn't have spells for this battle since I was travelling towards the inn to rest so that I could get my spells and that's why there were high casualties for this.

But we won!  After the battle we had a lot of daggers, clubs, longswords, leather armor etc. to sell, but there was no sell option for any of the merchants in town!!!  To say the least I was very annoyed.  I need plate mail armor for my clerics as soon as possible to extend their lifespans.  So the party of 8 (6 PCs, 2 NPCs) left the Temple of Elemental Evil town to search for a town that would buy items from us.

Part 2
So after returning to the overland map we tried to enter white plume mountain to sell equipment, but couldn't for some reason (darn bugs), so we headed further south when a revenant paladin asked us to avenge his death against a Necromancer.  I really didn't want to refuse this revenant paladin cause he seemed so sad!  The adventure said for levels 2-4 and we had 6 level 1s and 2 level 5s, so it couldn't be too bad right?  Well, we fought an evil cook and won!  We also fought 2 wood golems and won!  When we got to the ornate Necromancer's door, he pretended to be innocent (be we doubted he was), so the NPC thief picked the door and we aimed to attack.

Well apparently inside that tiny room of that necromancer tower were 11 skeletons, a ghoul and the necromancer himself.  Anyway, in a real game, our party would have used the door to block off some of the undead from attacking us rather than us getting waylaid on two sides.  But anyway, the Necromancer cast magic missle and Dow'd one cleric for 16 damage.  The ghoul paralyzed our resident 5th level NPC fighter and another cleric while the rest of the party was swarmed by skeletons and finished off.  Yeah, the party lost bad that day.  Sad thing is that we only destroyed 3 skeletons and we provided 8 corpses.

Party 8:
The next party knowing that the white rabbit describing the realm is a liar, decides that going west is the proper thing to do.  Soon, they enter the city of Specularum from the module "The Veiled Society"  Anywho, the module is intended for characters levels 1-3 and our party members fit in this range.  Okay, so its time to buy weapons and armor again yay!!!!

Oh great, there isn't a one stop shop in this town.  So basically the party spent all night trying to find the right shop to buy ranged weapons, melee weapons, and armor.  The armor is cheaper here than other towns, but that doesn't excuse the annoyance.  Anyway when we were almost finished, we were railroaded into sleeping in a specific inn and waking up only to find this noblewoman complaining about demons in her basement.  We really didn't want to say no as we knew that would ruin the quest and destroy one of the few places in the world the party could gain xp and survive.

We go in her basement, fight a guy with a rapier who hurts one of our characters, but we beat rapier man.  It's then that I realized that I didn't have time to sleep and memorize spells.  Unfortunately the UA Module designer hates sleeping and searching, so we tried finding a way out.  Instead we meet 2 thieves who attack the party and knock out one member (although we killed the thieves).  Now as we try to escape and find a darn inn to sleep in, we're waylaid by a group of kobolds.  13 or so kobolds while weak and dying in 1 hit, have plenty of attacks to DoW 2 of our members weakened fromthe previous fight, leaving only 3 members without spells.  They promptly get surrounded, defeated and sacrificed to Kurtulmak.

Party 9:
The next group of adventurers follow the previous set's exploration into Specularum, but rather than follow the noblewoman, promptly check back into the inn to sleep for spells.  Unfortunately since we agreed to look at the noblewoman's basement, the innkepper refuses to take our money and let us sleep the night so that we can survive.  Suffice to say, the party has now left Specularum to find another town to sleep in to get our spells back because the designer won't let us sleep in the wilderness.


1. The modules should be designed (especially the low level ones) with the idea in mind that brand new adventurers need to buy equipment and sleep before being railroaded into anything else.

2. Many places don't allow an area map.  This I highly disagree with.  In so many towns it's easy to get lost because everything looks the same.  If you want your dungeon to be more hidden, fine whatever.  But the stinginess for regular towns is unnecessary

3. The Designer hates searching and hates sleeping.  Quite honestly in actual play I would sleep in the dungeon often.  Whenever the party searches,the Designer makes the player wade through scrolling text to try to dissauge them from continued searching.  This is silly though since the modules contain hidden items that you can only find by searching.  And yes, contrary to your words, the adventurers do have all the time in the world.

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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Party 9:
These adventurers saved a small town from skeletons, solved the mystery of the Rock, and killed a few Brigands in specularum!  Unfortunately, they all disbanded and joined a tavern in Specularum and decided to drink and eat soup for the rest of their lives with all the excess gold from their journeys

Party 10:
Several years later a new party was formed.  This party Consisted of 6 Fighters.  4 Fighters Destiny revealed that they would be great Clerics later, 1 Fighter Destiny Revealed him to be a Great mage later, and 1 Fighter had a great destiny to be a Thief later.  As time passed another Crone visited a small village, and the Priests of the city were just as unwilling to do anything about it the 2nd time as the first time.  The town was saved from Hags who raised skeletons once more.Also, The Arkayz Wizard realized that there must be more to the Rock and sent another band of adventurers to discover it.  Unfortunately, the player put the difficulty on the highest setting, not understanding that it gave maximum hitpoints for all monsters.  As such the 1st level party was unable to beat 3 ogres on the way to the rock!  And thus that group of adventurers become mutton for the Ogres for the next week.

Party 11:
This party put the slider on medium, and when the Ogres showed their lousy faces, they only had 12 hp instead of 27.  The adventurers promptly slayed the ogres one by one, and went on to discover the secret of the rock once more!

Later in the journey, the adventurers came upon an abandoned city guarded by strange flying creatures who demanded to know the secret of rock before entering the city.  The adventurers promptly slew all 8 of them.  However, upon entering the city, the adventurers were swarmed by undead horseriders with strange weapons.  The adventurers were paralyzed upon being hit.  And although they managed to defeat 1 undead horsemen, the party soon joined their crusade of defending the abandoned city and slaying all adventurers who come nearby.

Party 12:
This party managed to solve the mystery of the rock, and promptly avoided the abandoned city upon hearing rumors that it wasn't actually abandoned.  The party went to Specularum, found out who enslaved people below the city, found out there names, found evidence linking to the crime, got confessions from co-conspirators,and slayed those who perpetrated the crime.  Apparently there was more to do, but the party couldn't figure out what, and the City Constable wasn't helping so they left.

Well, along the journey they came across a haunted house and were railroaded inside.  When trying to go outside the party was railroaded inside again, noting that they were running away from a dangerous creature in the mists that looked like a dragon.

Upon going outside the 2nd time, the party engaged in combat with this "misty" "ghosty" dragon.  Unfortunately this "misty" "ghosty" dragon had 81 hitpoints and breathed Lightning.  Half the party died in the first breath.  The other half died the 2nd breath.  And thus the party continued to haunt that house, for the shame they received while they lived.

Party 13:
This party upon Being Stranded at the Haunted House (Daelwyn's Rest) decides to run in opposite directions from the Mist Horror Dragon in hopes of fleeing the area and going back to civilization.  The Mist Horror Dragon shoots out three mighty bolts of lightning at 3 different party members, killing each instantly.  Although the adventurers made it to the edge of the map, the gods of the land decreed that they could not escape the grounds of the haunted house. 

Strangely enough, the Mist Horror Dragon charged the adventurers and attacked them but the non-magical weapons could harm the Horror.  Through a concerted effort and luck, the 3 remaining party members brought the terrible beast down.  Unfortunately, upon death it exploded into a fog of Acid which incenerated two remaining party members.  Allistaire, the last party member after painstakingly searching every room in the haunted house, and finding no keys, nor given the option the bash through doors, nor allowed to leave the haunted house do to the acid vapor surrounding it, nor being allowed to sleep in the house, promptly committed seppuku.  Future adventurers never came near the house again, as it was enveloped in Acid gas and had several ghosts warning them away.

1. For legitimacy, all characters were rolled not modified.
2.  Although its painful, hit dice were not altered
3. I know I should probably run away sometimes and fear for my life.  But that's hard when you have a reload option.

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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Party 14:

Part 1
This party enter's a city which has a Raven's ruins nearby.  Unlike another city with Skeletons as a problem which offered 500 gold for killing a few skeletons and a hag, this city wanted us to enter a place full of traps, orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, skeletons, zombies, ghouls, thouls, etc. etc. for a meager reward of 50 gp.

To say the least our adventurers felt jipped.

But they accepted knowing that saying no would completely deny them any ability to find raven's ruins as adventurers usually cannot search on their own due to the decree of the gods.  Anywho, the place had insignificant traps and monsters to harm the party.  They found gold, treasure, and a painting which lulls humanoids to sleep, willing or unwilling.  Raven allowed us to keep our items in passage out since he didn't have a choice.  We returned to town with more gold and items from the populace and xp.

Later that the next morning, the party found some of Raven's items missing although we were given some gold in recompense.  This was very odd for several reasons.  First the party always takes watches, and there is always 1 or 2 people watching the area at all times.  But despite this, somehow Raven got in and traded some items from us!  We don't know how!

Part 2
Later, we came upon ruins of a former manor which upon inspection became a brand new manor with a mean housewife asking us to kill her husband because her husband keeps killing her and her lover every night.  Later we meet the husband who is very adamant about killing his unfaithful wife and her wizard lover, and later we meet the wizard lover who apparently didn't know that this mean lady was married.  Anywho, apparently we're supposed to feel sorry for a man who is an adulterer, but anywho, the house is crumbling and the party escapes........what a waste.  At least we killed a few zombie servants while we were there.

Part 3
Next, the party found themselves in a city where golbins and other evil humanoids were already attacking and retreating.  An old Ranger showed us the way to the caves and how to get there.  Well, this place too was infested by humanoids, but we were told that there was *EEEVVVVILLL* in those caves.  Something dark, real dark.  The party goes there, slays several orcs and the chieftan and finds a passage down which is the source of the eeevil.  Apparently it was just more undead hidden away.  We find a Cleric of Chaos and his undead lackeys.  They were all promptly slain.  We find a scroll here which belongs to a dead wizard warning of a great evil queen. 

Part 4
We follow the trail to the dead wizard's house to find his relative, hosting it and demanding that we search the dead wizard's basement and get two items for us. We go down, slay several monsters.  Later on, our party automatically gets gassed by 2 amazon ladies.  We get no save while they ponder killing us and steal our gold.  They later leave, whereupon we find the amazons again, and slay them quickly.  We go to the top and are then told that we absolutely must go to this Ice Fortress where all these humanoids hang out as well as this Evil Queen and her evilness that will envelop the county.  We wonder why searching the bottom of the basement was necessary.  Funny thing though we promised this guy that we'd be back in no longer than 48 hours, but since we were given a gracious opportunity to sleep downstairs, we ended up taking 12 days.  Funny thing, in the caves of chaos back when we fought the cleric we were given a chance to sleep, but every time we slept (except once), we encountered infinite skeletons and zombies.  Obviously, the designer gods hate for the party to be sleeping.

Part 5
Our party railroads to the Icy North, and upon trying to go back, are told that we cannot!  For the evil of this evil queen is too great to turn back!  Who knows what a huge difference a few days in winter could mean!  The designer gods tell us that we may find an opportunity to sleep in the frigid north if we really need to.

Our party is warned by the designer gods that there may be a way to the fortress by being sneaky.  But all our party members are fighters, hardy fighters who have fought ogres, thouls, orcs, goblins, undead, and fought in a communist revolution in specularum, killing many footmen and mounted horsemen.  Our adventureres are afraid of no army!

We fight round 1 which consists of goblins, round 2 which consists of orcs, and round 3 which consists of the human fortress leader and his Gnoll crony archers.  3 party members fell in that battle, but no worry; their wounds were patched.  Our party tries to explore the fortress at the top, but apparently goblin archers hang up there and do railroad auto damage to our party members wearing full plate and great helms and knock out another party member, leaving total members to 2. 

Our party members leave the fortress, finding a cave to sleep in.  Unfortunately the designer gods decree that sleeping in caves is unacceptable, and the party goes back to the wilderness to find another place to sleep.  But along the way they meet a strange frost creature that can raise dead corpses to serve it as well as shoot lightning at the party.  Although the 2 members fought valiantly, they eventually decided to join the frost creature's crusade to turn all humanoids into frozen corpses.

Party 15:
This party like the previous one, fought the Frost Queen's fortress head on (she had very quickly hired new recruits to replace the last), but rather than try to sleep in caves, hoped to sleep in beds instead. Unfortunately although the Fortress Commander, Orcs, and Goblins all had rooms with locks in the fortress, this merry band of adventurers were unable to sleep.  The designer gods forbade that a party should want to sleep in a room with a bed and locks, and demanded that the party fight the Frost Queen immediately with half the party rather than sleep a few days and fight her with a greater chance of success.

This party saw another member go unconscious while fighting remaining humanoids in the fortress.  However, a caged Weretigress, Sarla was very eager to attack the Frost Queen and joined the party.

The party finds the queen, her wardogs, her Cleric cohort, and his zombie buddies.  This party tries retreating some bit back to a spot where fewer enemies can attack them.  Sarla, being an idiot (NPC) decides not to retreat to a more defensible location and decides to charge attack all the monsters by herself.  Unfortunately the wardogs and zombies defeat her quickly.  Meanwhile, while Allistaire II and Morgoth blast away Wardogs and Zombies with the Arquebus, the Cleric casts hold person and paralyzes our 2 warriors.  Our party members very quickly convert to the ways of Chaos and Undeath, and generously donate their Full Plate Mail and Arquebuses to the Frost Queen.

Party 16:
This party too fought 3rd recruitment of her main army and defeated it.  This party found the sister, Sarlaa, of the former weretigress.  This party also avoided fighting some monsters the previous party did.  This party advanced a little with Arquebuses while Sarlaa foolishly charged ahead.  This weretigress having more hp than her sister was able to DoW 2 zombie.  These 2 remaining fighters specifically aimed for the Cleric cohort, killing him so that he could not cast harmful spells such as spirtual hammer, silence 15' radius, or hold person against our mighty party of 2 fighters.

Back to back, our fighters defeated the remaining minions of the Frost Queen and the Frost Queen herself.  Hoping that all monsters would leave the Frost Queen's castle, our party members hoped that they would be able to rest for just 1 day, 1 day so that the other 4 members would be able to walk on their own, and not be dragged through the snow, but to no avail.  The party would have liked to search the treasury of the queen for its 11,000 gp but the party knew unless they could carry it all, that it would disappear forever.

Along the way, exiting to the wizard keep, Sarlaa, who lay dead at the Frost Queen's throne, suddenly appeared to the party and ran off.  The party was very confused, because they purposely did not bandage Sarlaa although they were given multiple chances to in combat, and certainly did not drag the weretigress with the rest of the party members.

The party returned to the Wizard keep and then to the main city of the adventure, hoping that they would be allowed to return to the Frost Queen's fortress to claim that 11,000 gp.  But the townsfolk quickly grabbed the party's maps and burned them.

Notes:1. The designer really hates searching as well.  Although sometimes he forgets to put up annoying text discouraging the party from searching.  Funny how he tries to say that we cannot search every inch of the place or that we don't have enough time.  We abosolutely can search every inch of the place and we absolutely have plenty of time.
2. Putting up text to discourage the party from searching is hypocritical since often many items can only be found by searching.  Also, many modules cannot be completed unless the party finds a few secret doors, and secret doors are revealed by searching
3. The designer really hates sleeping as evidenced above even when other creatures slept there.
4. My party has 2 sets of full plate and 6 arquebuses and they're saving up for more full plate.  Being able to get that 11,000 gp would mean enough for 2 more sets.
5. Once all party members have Full Plate.  There is little need to carry around gold any more.
6. My Arquebuses do around 11-20 damage, much more than the 2nd ed. PHB indicates as such, they're my best weapon.  There's also no misfire penalty or rules.

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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Party 16:

Part 1
Needing gold for 4 more Full Plate armors, the party set on adventure.  While sleeping one night the party received a vision from J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, about the Kingdom of the Silver Princess which was in trouble from....something.  He went into this long story about how Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Halfings all got along well in the kingdom, but the Gnomes did not.  Anywho, apparently bugbears, gnolls, and orcs are up to it again, and the land is dying, crops withering, the princess missing, this ruby missing, and J'onn J'onzz is happy to provide any help we require except direct combat support.

Our adventurers try their best to figure out the silver princess keep.  I mean they found a Silver Harp, Silver Necklace, Dragon Stature, and a Longsword belonging to this Black Plate Mail, White Dragon Riding dude.  The designer gods were nice to the party and provided one area of the dungeon where they could sleep and heal.  Unfortunately after using this a couple of times, the designer gods were not pleased and promptly sent a horde of skeletons to the party every time they tried to put on their pajamas.  The mighty forces of evil put a strange glowing red barrier around the main entrance to the castle, hoping that that would force the characters to solve the mystery.  Well, our adventurers simply scooped up parts from the crystal golem and used them as receptacles to transfer green slime to the outer dungeon walls.  Slowly but surely, the green slime hungrily ate through the stone, and our adventurers escaped.  They didn't return the items, sorry princess!

Part 2
Needing more adventure, the party members heard that there was still a great bounty on brigands, and now a year later!  The party was finally powerful enough to help the 2 cities that were offering a reward of 10,000 gold pieces.  The party set out to help, but like most adventures did not give the party any chance whatsoever to heal ahead of time before undertaking the quest.  But no matter!  Keldar had 37 hp which should have been plenty. 

Well, when wandering around the abandoned lot, an ankheg popped out and spit a gob of acid dealing 48 damage to Keldar!  48 damage!  The mionster manual says acid damage is from 8-32, but this ankheg dealt 48 damage!  To say the least, Keldar was completely incinerated and dead.

Later, the party found some lycanthropes fighting other lycanthropes, meanwhile a wererat stabbed Sarah with poison and killed her instantly.  Our brave adventurers searched far and wide for a 9th level priest to cast raise dead for Keldar.  They could cast Neutralize poison on a very dead Sarah and bring her back to life, but there were no antacid spells nor 9th level clerics.  Lots of 7th level clerics mind you!  All around, but no 9th level ones!

The remaining 5 party members return to Specularum, get married , have kids, and name them after themselves including their fallen friend Keldar.  This new party of adventurers are given their parents former equipment and trained intensively for the day they will set out in the world.  They are warned time and again, to avoid Ankhegs at all costs.  The parents then spend the rest of their days getting drunk and eating soup at Detho's groghouse, where other adventurers including 5 clerics and a mage hang out.

Party 17:

Part 1
This party of experienced younglings upon resting in a Specularum Inn, were promptly paralyzed by some unknown force, seized, and taken to the Ghost Tower of Inverness.  The party members were told that they had to get this Soul Gem for the Duke or else we'd all be killed.  We also couldn't go to the Tower and then go outside and sleep or change our mind about working for the Duke because the Seer would know and we'd be hunted down.

Really, our adventurers didn't buy that, their parents had defeated entire armies by themselves, and the children were just as strong.  Besides, killing the Duke and the Seer and his men, would leave a very nice kingdom for the children and adventurers for all sorts!

But the young experienced adventurers decide to play along.  Interestingly the dark wizard offers the party gems for 250 gp, and gems can be traded for magic items.  The party wasn't too interested in the magic item, but since the party gets xp for the value of each gem, and some gems are worth 250, 500, or 2500 gp, the party can keep on trading gems for gold and selling the gems back to get lots of xp!  The party incurred a net gp loss, but got plenty of xp.  Silly wizard....tricks are for kids!

The adventurers find a crystal ball which can summon carnivorous apes, ice toads, minotaurs with axes, and owlbears infinitely.  Really, what a stupendous item.  All the furs you could ever want.  Infinite axes and steel from the axes, and the valuable and hardy owlbear pelt.  Really, an immense source of commerce, troops, and xp.  The party immediately confiscated that crystal ball.

Part 2
The party took some damage though.  This ruined tower had a lot of powerful monsters for an abandoned tower.  Giant ants paralyzed and coup de graced 1 parth member while a group of 20 bugbears or so managed to subdue another.  The party would liked to have rested, but since there were so many wandering monsters around every corner, such a thing wasn't possible.

Unfortunately, the party when exiting one of the towers came upon the green slime, destroyer of nations (see note 1).  Our party members had not choice but to abandon their 2 unconscious companions.  The Green Slime quickly enveloped them, and birthed 2 new Green Slime babies.

Part 3
Although the party was down to 4, they were determined to find the Soul Gem.  the party members found their way to a higher tower of air, and then to a tower of nature.  They saw a nice gardening lady in the distance, and thought it would be faux pas to attack immediately without saying hello first.

Well, the gardening lady was a medusa and she was very offended by people entering her garden and saying hello.  She promptly attacked Leandra II, poisoned her and she died.  The medusa died shortly after, but Leandra II was not coming back for this quest.

Part 4
The next tier of climbing the tower was a fire land, filled with fire bats, and a Fire Giant with infinite boulders to torment the party.  While the party would be harassed by fire bats and the prospect of falling into the lava.  While Malis was distracted by 3 firebats, the The Fire Giant chucked one boulder at Malis pushing both him and the bats into the lava, leaving the total party members down to 2.

The next part was the watery part, where after getting crushed by flaming boulders, our party now had to hold their breath while shooting a shark with an Arquebus underwater.

The party was very weak now, with 2 members left at 2 hp and 8 hp, but they were determined to reach the end.  Unfortunately, a group of Ixitxachitl (evil manta rays) approached Morgoth II and Sarah II.

They decided to allow their bodies to be host for the next generation of Ixitaxchitl babies.

Party 18:
When the old parent adventurers saw that their children did not come back, they realized it was time to send their younger brothers and sisters out to adventure in the Tower of Inverness to find out what happened.

This party avoided some of the traps and fights the previous party did.  However, this time the Fire Giant got more boulder hits in and knocked more brothers and sisters into the lave pit for breakfast late.  However, whereas the Ixitaxchitl claimed 2 party members the last time, this time they only claimed 1! 

Morgoth III was very confident, he had finally made it to the apex where the Soul Gem was stored.  However, the Soul gem was very powerful and fought back.  It cast Fire Shield and Disintegration at Morgoth III, but he made his save.  Morgoth III then proceeded to attack the Soul Gem with his magic sword.

Unfortunately upon being hit, the Soul Gem auto-matically did 30 magic damage to Morgoth III, slaying him instantly.  The Soul Gem earned 5000 xp for defeating Morgoth, with an additional 1000 xp for claiming another soul with another 3000 xp for 3000 gp worth of items, enough to place the soul gem at the next experience level.  Now, the soul gem is capable of casting 3 spells before adventurers may attempt to strike it.

1. Green slime is invulnerable to any attack except the cure disease spell.  There are no clerics in the party, but if there were, why would they memorize cure disease?  Secondly, green slimes can be destroyed by frost or fire, but Unlimited Adventures does not let you buy or use torches!  So as a result, Green Slimes are nigh invincible monster in the Computer Game.
2. As long as the party never runs away from the fight, the party drags all unconscious and dead members easily and effortlessly.  But if the party runs away from the fight, all dead and unconscious members are kicked off.  This is hilarious when the party runs away from immobile monsters (such as a green slime).
3. Poison is rather silly in this game.  In 1E, its not always an autokill, often its take damage and then save, and even failing isn't usually instant death, but UA takes the easy way out, making all poison the same
4. I really prefer it when a character must be attacked or gets a save or something when they are paralyzed.  A party member was lost to giant ants because of an unlucky roll on a saving throw.  So basically paralyzation is a killer.

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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Party 19:
The adventurer parents after not hearing back from their second set of children, insisted that the 3rd set do no adventuring themselves and told them to turn their children into adventurers.  So this band of heroes, named after their Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents set off for adventure! 

These younglings played GA3: Tales of Enchantment.  A man's son has gotten lost in the woods and they have to find and save him!  Our adventurers enter the woods and find the boy and bring him back to his father.  All is well and the adventurers take their reward.  But as the adventurers leave, the father storms out of the house yelling that the boy they brought back was merely an illusion!  And he promptly snatched the reward money back.

Not to be deterred, our adventurers pressed on into the woods, defeating minor monsters here and there, but they eventually faced their most fearsome monster yet!  Bambardier Beetles!  Our adventurers got very worried when these beetles started casting a spell.  Before they knew it though, Two Cloud Kills were summoned on top of the party.  The last remaining party member Allistaire IV fought hard and killed several beetles while they were pondering whether or not to kill him instantly with cloud kill.  Allistaire IV suggested that with the ability to cast cloud kill, these beetles could easily take over the world, and he promptly put several larvae inside his body as a token of his sincerity.

Party 20:

Part 1
This party was quickly assembled after no word was received back from their missing brothers and sisters.  They heard word that there was a Missing colony somewhere out in the desert that no one had ever heard back from.  Our party members were tasked with the job of finding what had happened to them.

Well, it so happened that the colony got overtaken by a land aboleth and his mind flayer cohort who both had a flair for hippies.  They mind controlled the colonists and forced them to dress as wolves, bright hawks, and in rainbow gowns.  The party aimed for the mind flayer early and directly to kill it quickly.  But the land Aboleth struck and diseased poor Malis V.  Morgoth V got charm person cast on him, and immediately began attacking his brothers and sisters.  The party attacked and killed the land Aboleth and Mind Flayer, hoping to break the mental control, but no luck.  They then began to kill every single minion of the land Aboleth and the Mind Flayer, but nothing happened.  Then the DoWed their brother, and after that the land was good again, the colonists regained their minds, and everyone was taken back to civilization.

While resting, the party forgot that Malis V was diseased.  They would have tried to go see a Cleric, but they had already typed in 30 days to rest, and couldn't undo that decision.  So, the party rested 25 days in the inn with their brother's corpse in there with them.  The party promptly went back home, buried their brother and fetched their younger sibling, Malis VI to replace him.

Part 2
This party heard that some creature had been destroying livestock, people, and farms.  The party went underground, killed some bugbears, spiders, and eventually found the menace: a giant Umber Hulk who was quickly defeated.  The adventurers picked up their reward and moved on.

Part 3
The adventurers learned that apparently they should have gone farther into the desert because there used to be a great empire there, and this merchant caravan wants to go there!  So our illustrious adventurers begin B4: The Lost City.  The caravan got lost, our mules died, and our adventurers approached a big structure, hoping to find nourishment there.  They make it inside, finding a clan of amazons from the ancient empire who want the characters to join their sect and kill off the other Not the True Way male sects.  The characters were curious how the amazons hoped to repopulate their ancient empire, but nonetheless agreed and joined them.  The Amazons provided Food and Water, Sleeping quarters, training, and arms for sale.  The party was quite pleased.

In the structure the party came across a humanoid statue, when the wand it held was pressed left, gas was released everywhere and damaged the party, when pressed to the right, the party was flipped into a 1 cell corridor with 4 walls and no means of escape.  The party screamed for help, but all died from suffocation.

Party 21:

A new band of siblings was formed, and they set out to a kingdom in need of a new ruler, and thus they began C4: The Prophecy of Brie.  Our adventurers are tasked to find out if now is the correct time for the prophecy and if this particular heir is the right one or not.  Our adventurers are led to the wilderness, and they place a log over a river to cross it.  Unfortunately, some treants nearby take great offense to placing one of their cousins over a river and attack the party.  The adventurers were confident that they could beat the Treants, but with their 0 AC, 2 attacks, and damage of around 15-20 per attack, the treants cut the party down and build houses with them.

Party 22:
This party participates in Keep on the Borderlands B2.  They go to the swamps and kill many lizardmen and giant lizards.  They also killed a hill giant family and fought a green dragon, which proceeded to eat the entire party.  This is the end of playing modules converted by Ray Dyer as the green dragon and hill giants were not present in the original module and are hardly apppropriate for a module designed for characters levels 1-3.

I will try Ray Dyer's custom modules that he made for his brother, roommate, and father.

1. The Monster Manual lists Bombardier Beetles as being able to to release a vapor that has a 20% of stunning a creature and doing 3-12 damage.  But these beetles could cast cloud kill, a spell which automatically kills 5th level characters!
2. The Charm Person makes someone friendly to you, as if they're you're friend, that does not mean that a charmed party member will attack their former allies unhesitatingly.  More egregious is the fact that the charm didn't end after the Aboleth died.
3. The adventure description for B4: The Lost City is kinda silly.  If a party had a Cleric in it, they would easily be able to cast Create Water or Create Food and Water multiple times per day to get them back to civilization.
4. When an adventure says levels 1-3, it really means level 3.  When an adventure says levels 5-8, it means 8th level.

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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Interesting to read about your adventures in The Realm.

I'm only at posting no. 2, but I want to note this:

But we won!  After the battle we had a lot of daggers, clubs, longswords, leather armor etc. to sell, but there was no sell option for any of the merchants in town!!!

The "sell" option is usually in a character's inventory screen when in a shop. If it's not present in this game, I want to know how to turn it off!  :D

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Released designs:

The Sect

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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You are indeed correct sir.  I didn't find out about that til later.  I simply assumed that since sell was not next to buy, my characters were denied the sell option.

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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Thanks for writing up your adventures.  I enjoyed reading them.

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
« Reply #9 on: December 23, 2009, 11:42:37 AM »

2. Many places don't allow an area map.  This I highly disagree with.  In so many towns it's easy to get lost because everything looks the same.  If you want your dungeon to be more hidden, fine whatever.  But the stinginess for regular towns is unnecessary

3. The Designer hates searching and hates sleeping.  Quite honestly in actual play I would sleep in the dungeon often.  Whenever the party searches,the Designer makes the player wade through scrolling text to try to dissauge them from continued searching.  This is silly though since the modules contain hidden items that you can only find by searching.  And yes, contrary to your words, the adventurers do have all the time in the world.

2. When playing a FRUA module, I always use the area-on program. It turns on area view in every module in the design. It can be found here:

3. Fortunately, Ray provides clues as to when you should be searching in all of his modules. I hope that you have been using the 'Look' command frequently.

It sounds like you have been trying many different Realm designs. I'm not surprised that your party died in Slave Lords and Fire Mountain. It sounds like you had better luck in Veiled Society. If your party is low-level, you might enjoy Journey to the Rock or Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. The recommended order for each region is here:
"Into the Drachensgrab Mountains!"

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
« Reply #10 on: December 24, 2009, 09:49:06 AM »
I haven't read all of your post but I'm sure it's greatly appreciated feedback here. :)

Just a few points:

1. In case you don't know yet, the designer is always the same person for all 40+ designs, namely the prolific Ray Dyer, and that's the explanation why they all share the same rules (e.g. no resting in dungeons, no searching every step etc.).

2. It seems like you're enjoying the series for the most part and I bet a lot of your comments are really helpful for Ray. But everything you consider "silly" was a conscious and well-thought out decision on Ray's part who's been an experienced and successful UA designer and a PnP game master for many many years. You don't have to agree with it and there's no harm in pointing that out and letting the designer know - but keep in mind that it's all about opinions and preferences and just because you disagree doesn't make it silly. IMO secrets are not really secret when everyone can find them without thinking, just by activating SEARCH all the time. You're supposed to use LOOK in suspicious places or to examine something and turning on SEARCH often ruins Ray's method so he has a reason to discourage you from using it.

3. AFAIK your party can contain up to six members. Did you only choose four? If that's the case that would explain why e.g. lvl 5-8 usually means lvl 8 for your party.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with the community and Happy Holidays to you and everyone else here! :)

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
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1. Glad you enjoyed it DesertScrb

2. Thanks for the Area-on-heads up Nol Drek.  That is a big help and makes playing more enjoyable.

3. I did play Journey to the Rock multiple times, and its one of the few modules I completed all the way.  I played Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh as evidenced above, but couldn't figure out what to do next and quit.

4. My play strategy was to play the Realm game as-is, I would only enter modules that I found on the world map that invited me in, and I would also partake in mini-adventures as they were presented to me.

4. To Oliver, oh I definitely knew that Ray Dyer made all of the designs, the idea of a continuous campaign using all the same characters from level 1-20ish was very appealing. 

5. Yea, I'm aware that Ray has his reasons for wanting to screw searching all the time, but I don't agree with it.  Area is turned off which means that I get lost all the time anyway, and miss little niches where bonus monsters and treasure is stored anyway.  Secondly, many modules require you to find a secret door, and you can only find that secret door by searching.  So oft I'm being punished for doing something that needs to be done.  Third, there's rarely any sense of urgency.  My party literally can spend tons of time searching every rock and leaf and be fine.  If monsters come around bring it.  I'll kill them all no problem.  The problem of course is that realistically there should be a limit to wandering monsters but ingame there's infinite of them.

6. In the beginning (when I was a newbie) I made a party of 4.  Eventually this party was replaced with a party of  6 Fighters as mentioned above.

7.  Modules designed for levels 5-8 mean level 8 because those Bombadier beetles cast Cloudkill, instantly slaying my level 5 party.  Levels 1-3 means level 3 because those ogres with high hp and AC, kill my 1st level characters with 1 blow.

Take care,
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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
« Reply #12 on: December 24, 2009, 01:56:13 PM »
5. Yea, I'm aware that Ray has his reasons for wanting to screw searching all the time, but I don't agree with it.  Area is turned off which means that I get lost all the time anyway, and miss little niches where bonus monsters and treasure is stored anyway.  Secondly, many modules require you to find a secret door, and you can only find that secret door by searching.  So oft I'm being punished for doing something that needs to be done.  Third, there's rarely any sense of urgency.  My party literally can spend tons of time searching every rock and leaf and be fine.  If monsters come around bring it.  I'll kill them all no problem.  The problem of course is that realistically there should be a limit to wandering monsters but ingame there's infinite of them.

Fair enough. And I grant you that you can get lost or overlook something in the Realm designs quite easily if you don't draw your own maps or if you aren't that good in orientating yourself without a map, so I can see why both "Area view turned off" and "Searching disallowed" bugs you.

Since the LOOK command has the same effect as SEARCH though, if you LOOK in the right places - and often there are clues - I don't see Ray's method as a big punishment. You can beat all his games without ever having to use the SEARCH button. Personally, I'd consider it a much worse punishment if a mod required me to find a secret door which can only be found by searching and then I'd have to deal with wandering monsters each three steps and waste my time with random combats. Maybe it's a combat vs. puzzles thing...

I believe Darius Whiteheart and Keith Allen, two of my favorite design authors apart from Ray, also seem to favor the LOOK method and I've used it myself, while others don't use it at all and some like Ben J have stated their dislike of it even before you. But that's what I was talking about. Different players/designers, different opinions. To each their own. :)

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
« Reply #13 on: December 24, 2009, 08:17:12 PM »

Holy cow!!!   :o

What an awesome Christmas present!   ;D

I took a break from wrapping presents and look at what showed up while I was away! 

I haven't had time to read the "Parties," but I did read the notes.  Unfortunately, it'll be next week till I get back to read the rest.  Positive or negative, though, any feedback is always welcome!

Olivier and Nol have already said it pretty well, and I remember, years ago, folks getting into the whole "Look" vs. "Search" debate.  It's pretty clear what side of that I prefer, as a player and a DM...   :D  My only complaint as a player comes when there are no text clues in a module, and something really important could be overlooked because of it.  For the most part, though, if there's something hidden in a lair, you'll get a description of a pile of detritus.  Then, if you "Look" you'll be rewarded with another statement that tells you what you find. 

The same is true for secret doors, though some of the more game-breaking secret doors don't have verbal clues.  The old 1E teams had a crazy penchant for putting a secret door directly into the boss-monster's lair, which was never intended to be found, but was there to "reward clever play" all the same.  I tried to remain true to those old maps, but that meant remaining true to staying mum on those instances, as well...  ;)

Of course, I've these decisions have resulted in many folks praising and other folks using words like "hypocritical" over the years.  Can't please everyone, I suppose.  I hope that, overall, the need to push the "L" key every now and then didn't detract too much from your game play!!!

You are right about some of those creatures' abilities.  Unfortunately, I'm not a talented programmer.  The Realm is a collection of other people's work, both on the game side, and also the hacking that's been done.  I did my best to use the editors that were available when each game was created, but these were started back in 1996 or '97, so some things just couldn't be done yet.  I have to admit, a lot of things that can be done now are still out of my league without a front-end editor to dumb it down for me...  :'(

Got to get back to wrapping those gifts...Wrote too much as it is!  I'm curious, though, where you found a poison system in 1E that wasn't "save or die."  To the best of my knowledge, suffering damage for poison instead of dying was an optional rule in the 2E DMG, and didn't change into something that wasn't officially "save or die" until third edition.  I believe the only damage-based poison system for 1E originally appeared in an old issue of Dragon Magazine and was reprinted in Best of Dragon, Volume II.

Can't wait to get back next week to catch up on the rest of this.  From what I saw, it sounds like you put a lot of time into putting together your notes.  Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Happy Adventuring!

Bill Bisco

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Re: Unlimited Adventures - Exploring the Realm
« Reply #14 on: December 24, 2009, 08:49:01 PM »
Hey Ray, when you get the chance to read up on the individual parties, don't take it personally, it's just the thoughts of a frustrated adventuring party!  I did have fun with this though and thanks for making the modules.

Regarding poison, well it seems you're right.  On page 20 of the DMG, it gives damage and prices for poison for player characters with the caveat that monster poison always kills.  Ah well, I guess it's the players that get gimped on this one.  I had always thought that monsters had a poison type, but I never read the rules, my bad.
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