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REVIEW: Tragic Lands of Bhaun (by Ermac Red)
« on: January 21, 2009, 06:40:46 PM »
Tragic Lands of Bhaun
Module Author: Ermac Red
Imported Graphics: Yes
Additional documentaion: Yes
# of dungeons: ?

Review by: Nyx Night

Tragic Lands of Bhaun opens with a history lesson, something I'm not overly fond of. I guess I have a personal bias against history lessons, because they seem to set up a game world too artificially. Even if it's a relatively well done lesson, as is the one in TLOB.

The history lesson briefly explains the background of Bhaun, and why humans have now been forced to live in a small retreat known as Talagard for the past 200 years. It then tells you that you've decided to try and reclaim the monster overridden land for humans and demi-humans.

This is a daunting task. It's not daunting because it's difficult, tho at times it is, it's daunting because it's tedious. Battles occur every few steps, and tho it can be interesting to run into strange new monsters, it's not terribly interesting to be assaulted by kobolds every 10 steps or so.

I only found one minor bug; in Talagard there are guards gambling who invite you to play with them for 5 platinum. You may pay, and get your pieces, but there is no apparent way to actually gamble.

One of my gripes is the lack of area maps. No area I found would allow an overhead view, which annoys me, as not everyone, myself included, likes to map all the time. Certainly some areas warrent 3D view, but in an area such as Talagard, where the PC's have grown up, never leaving, and certainly know by now, why force us to map or get hopelessly lost?

The storyline itself has potential, but I'm afraid I never saw the end. The constant assaults of boring foes and wandering aimlessly, not knowing where in the world I was going annoyed me to the point that, after an hour or so, I simply couldn't continue playing the game.

Story Execution:C+ (interesting, but tedious and confusing at times)
Encounters: C
Bug Control:B+
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