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Re: Fall 2009 Design Contest
« Reply #225 on: February 17, 2010, 06:16:56 AM »
The attached pdf-file contains my reviews for all four entries published until now.
Note that Olivier gave 0-marks in some categories for Manikus' and Budzo's contributions, while I gave quite high marks in the same categories. This is due to the preliminary state of Budzo's and Manikus' designs. You could also say that I rather gave marks for the "potential", while Olivier in those cases did not want to give a mark at all... :)

We are still hoping for further contributions.
Find four contributions to the Pre-Generated Character Mini-Module Design Contest on my homepage.
New: THE AMBASSADOR'S LETTER, my contribution to the 7-day-challenge.

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Re: Fall 2009 Design Contest
« Reply #226 on: February 19, 2010, 03:24:54 PM »
Thanks guys. :)

This is an especially good idea since Ironworks does not seem to want to open on my computer. :D

Now that I'm back in town again, I'll try and find my notes - from what I recall, most of my comments were for Budzo, as a demo leaves a lot more undone than a finished design. ;)

By the way, Dinonykos, I did release a tutorial for a secret door. :) It should be on Ironworks and the Yahoo group.
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