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Module Design: Creating a Town (by Coric)
« on: February 12, 2009, 11:26:55 PM »
"Creating a Town"
by Coric

Reprinted From UANL #2

UA cities and villages are an important part of every module. On an overhead map, make sure that you add Small City Events in townships that do not have seperate dungeons (in other words, if their is a picture of a city on the map, put something there).

But it is the separate towns that most designers neglect. <Coric's tips for towns>

    * Add a variety of shops. UA will let you sell most every item in one shop, but what fun is that? Create some specialty shops where some items can only be found. Armour shops, Smithies, Curio shops, and Magic Enclaves all add some spice to a town.

    * Guilds can be fun quest events. Instead of giving a single training hall for all classes, space them out into different guilds. In these areas you can also include shops, text, and just about anything else you want for a specified class (make sure that you change the execute IF clause to exclude all other classes).

    * Add a unifying theme. Don't just tell the players that: "You are in a small town." Inhabit the towns with distinct characters, combatants, and a varied look. Be original: set the town in the top of some forest or at the bottom of the sea (so long as it is consistent with the overall plot).

    * Tone down the random combats. Let's face it, most cities are not so crime-ridden that you are attacked every eight steps. But if you really want the added difficulty (and pain), explain this to the player. Give them a reason for the thieves that have overrun the eastern quarter or the kobolds that roam the streets.

    * Give the player some minor quests. Most towns will not be filled with shops and guilds. While the player is in town, give him something to do - and it doesn't even have to gell with the overall plot. If the city is in trouble, the party can opt to help or not, but if they choose the former, reward them in some way.

    * Use them as 'links' to various, more important parts of the realm. For instance, if the travel through Murkwood forest is too dangerous for a level 1 party to make on the overhead map, give them an option to buy passage on a ship. Use your imagination.

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