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REVIEW: The Holy Grail (by RedZwolf)
« on: January 21, 2009, 10:59:06 PM »
The Holy Grail
by RedZwolf

Reviewed by Don Ewald

    This design tested my patience as a reviewer. I wanted to rate it very lowly for its spelling mistakes, bad jokes, and useless comedy--but I shouldn't. I believe that this design was created as an inside joke to entertain some friends and let the author take a look about the FRUA engine. Nothing really entertaining and falling short in ungraceful clumsiness. Your goal is to do odd quests for the king (find the grail, kill a dragon...) and then he'll attempt to kill you for your knowledge of him possessing the grail. I disliked it totally. Had some black and white scans from Monty Python's grail movie though.

225 events used of 600
215 words using 25% of 6 dungeons

Rating: 3.2
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