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REVIEW: Sirnoch Tower (by JeffPGVik)
« on: January 21, 2009, 10:52:56 PM »
Sirnoch Tower
by JeffPGVik

Reviewed by Don Ewald

    This could've been a great design. The premise was a little weak. Your goal is to rescue the villagers and children that have been mysteriously disappearing. Upon entry to the tower you are led by the nose to your goal and then taunted with immature grammar (example, "Who the expletive are you?!").

    The ending required some thought as the author tried to allow multiple endings, sort of. You are given a series of questions that influence your actions for the last encounter. I had been walking about with a magically spiked dart in my chest for most of the upper level and decided to throw it at the evil magician. Up in flames the magician went, the children were rescued and the design over.

    I did like the new art included with the design. Several spooky small pictures were added and they were tastefully designed and well placed. There was a feeling of a cheaply done 'B' horror flick throughout most of the design--not entirely bad; but, a little beneath my liking.

Only a handful spelling mistakes.
147 events used of 200
860 words using 50% of 2 dungeons

Rating: 3.6
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