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CRPG book released!

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You can download all its glorious 528 pages here:

At least two members of this forum contributed to it.

I’m currently reading it. Great book. Truth is, I wish it were even bigger and covered even more games. Can’t complain about what’s there, though.

Donnie Ewald:
I look forward to reading this!

This is great! I scanned over it and am very impressed by the enthusiasm put into it. Very nice book!
(And it's great that Dungeon Craft is mentioned in the article about FRUA... :) )

Milos Gulan:
Amazing :) Thank You very much! Right now I am reading trough old Dragon magazines insipred with that Manikus post about Cavalier class correction in Dragon #148. I was thinking how it would be good to find some good RPG games to learn from them, this is just perfect :) I will learn what are good ones and maybe try to play them.


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