Author Topic: REVIEW: Game12: C4-C5 The Prophecies of Brie (by Ray Dyer)  (Read 97 times)

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REVIEW: Game12: C4-C5 The Prophecies of Brie (by Ray Dyer)
« on: January 27, 2018, 10:13:26 AM »
Another excellent Realms design, this time a rather large one split into eight mini adventures to find and reinstate a new King of Pellham, based on the pen&paper modules C4 To Find a King and C5 The Bane of Llywelyn.

The dungeons are genereally rather small and concise, and with a menu town "hub", which I liked (nothing worse than 22x22 squares of nothing that can't be fit into a menu town), although some, like the final one, felt rather scetchy. And they are varied.
So is the artwork, which is both scanned and more cartoony ones (based on scans?), of which I much prefered the latter ones which look very good.

There isn't very much combat, but there are some epic ones. Overall rather easy, though.

The most frustrating mini-adventure for me was the penultimate one; I could never work out excactly the colour scheme, and mostly just brute forced it. Oh well, I was tired when I played it.

I encountered no bugs, and only noticed one typing error.