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D&D Adventurer's League: Expeditions
« on: September 13, 2014, 07:11:33 PM »
I thought some of you might be interested that the first three adventures for the D&D ADventurer's League: Expeditions* takes place in good, old Phlan. The timeline is obviously much further in the future from the Pool of Radiance days, but you do get to visit several locations such as Sokol Keep, Valhingen Graveyard, and others.

Defiance in Phlan consists of five one-hour adventures set in Phlan.

Secrets of Sokol Keep is a full four hour adventure taking place in, you guessed it, Sokol Keep (primarily).

Shadows Over the Moonsea isn't a purely Phlan-based adventure, but the first part starts there.

* This is one part of the new D&D 5e Public Play system. Think RPGA or Living Greyhawk, Living Forgotten Realms, Ashes of Athas, etc.