Author Topic: Can Paladin lay on hands during combat, what is on a scroll, what is Inv  (Read 777 times)

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I recently discovered or rediscovered FRUA, and I am impressed and thankful at the effort of many people to put together such a range of fun adventures. I started off with Temple of Elemental Evil, I think I'm about 2/3 through it with my party at 4th-5th.

Can a Paladin Lay on hands during combat? I have looked for a way to do it and I don't see a button.

Is there a way to find out what spells are on a scroll before using it, which presumably casts the spell?

What is the Inv button at the far right for?

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Welcome to the forum!

Paladins can't Lay on hands during combat.

Mage scrolls must be identified before they are used.  If it says it's a mage scroll and the number of spells is not listed, it has not been identified.  It may be identified by casting Read Magic and selecting USE.  The spell names will appear, and you can exit without casting.  You can also have mage scrolls identified in shops or temples at a cost of 20 platinum by highlighting the item in your inventory and selecting ID.

If it just says 'scroll', it's a protection scroll and should probably be ID'd in a shop before using it.

Cleric scrolls don't need to be identified.  You can select USE to see the spells, then exit without casting.

Selecting the INV button should display any keys or special items the party has gained.
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INV stands for Inventory.

ITEMS are things you can use outside of conversations.  :)