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2nd edition total conversion
« on: September 11, 2012, 07:31:19 AM »
This is not a declaration that I'm going to make a 2e TC, instead this is where we can discuss one (and go from there). Now that I find out I'm not the only 2e fan on the boards, I am a lil more inclined to try the TC, tho.

What do we want in a 2eTC? Here's where we talk about it.


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Re: 2nd edition total conversion
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2012, 10:21:01 AM »
:) 2e is for me cool, I am not sure what i really want from it but now thinking of that my first character was a 1e Illussionist, and most of the time we played 2e Forgotten Realms, so I guess that is what I want, and maybe a bit more, now thinking of psionics and Athas and other Add worlds.

So to summ it up for me it should be firstly easy and simple, 2e has those kits and many other classes like shaman, crusader ect (those are from faiths and pantheons FR book), and they would be also cool to play :) but also there were a lots of spells and magical items which I would like to test :) at least just for Role Playing :)

How my 2e campaign would look like it is pretty much here ( i added social background option) except that I will probably add some random generators for Inspiration Pad Pro (new version is 3.0 and I guess it pretty much new) My idea was to recreate all adventures I have been trough (mostly I DM-ed but also those I only played) and for that I dont need anything extra just simple 2e Add game, anything extra I guess would just add to the feeling of exploring Add.

Thats it I will be a bit busy till the sunday but I am hoping I will do tables for Inspiration Pad and that I will be uploading that too, for that to be available as an inspiration for Add campaigning, but after that I will be here and probably will have some time for serious adventuring every day :)

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