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Useless skills--a tale from another world
« on: February 10, 2012, 12:20:59 AM »
This isn't exactly told in the form of a story, but it is a story, so I think it belongs here.

Nologgie's "The importance of movement" reminded me of an adventuring moment from a different RPG.

When I was in college, a local professor ran games of his self-published RPG, "Ysgarth."  It had a large number of attributes and huge number of skills, not to mention numerous spells. ("Killing joy" is one I remember.  I'll let you guess what it did.)

One of the other players in my group was a math major who was constantly analyzing the system and coming up with kick ass characters, and would usual ridicule my characters who were based on silly ideas I had.

In one of the adventures, my fellow player was playing his usual kick-ass fighter, and I was playing a jester, with silly skills like tumbling and juggling--I tried to convince the DM that I could juggle hand axes and also throw them accurately, but he disagreed.

My fellow player ridiculed my foolish jester character, deriding his useless skills, and he was right, up to a point.

Our party camped in a cavern.  In the middle of our rest, a huge monster charged into the cave, spreading panic in the party.  My nemesis and I were directly in its path. Winning initiative, my jester leaped up and tried to flee. The other adventurer told the DM "I trip him," and he succeeded.  As he rose and tried to escape, I replied, "I trip him!" and I succeeded. Now I was up and trying to run for my life, and my antagonist said, "I trip him again!"  He tripped me, but I told the DM, "I use my tumbling skill."

I made my skill check and turned my fall into a roll; rising to my feet, I fled the cavern as the mighty warrior, lying on his belly, was helpless before the ravening beast.

The look of begrudging respect my fellow player gave me made up for all his ridicule of my useless skills.

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Re: Useless skills--a tale from another world
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2012, 01:17:15 AM »
Nicely done!  8)
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