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REVIEW: Garland's Grotto (by Lesonar)
« on: January 21, 2009, 06:58:45 PM »
Garland's Grotto
Author: Lesonar
Imported Graphics: No
For: IBM
Additional Documentation: No
# of Dungeons: 6

Review by: Nyx Nightshade

This is a short adventure which I finished in about 20 minutes.

The adventure begins with an explanation of why you've come to Woodhall. It seems as if 'the leader' has been kidnapped, and money stolen by the wizard Garland. Your task is to recover the leader, Sir Avondell. But be careful, for not all is as it seems. Treachery, intrigue, and failure lurk in every dark alley...

It's a decent, short mod. I won't give away the surprise, though I have to admit that I was quite sure of what it was from the beginning. However, I will say that there were some problems with the way it was done, and it leaves a few questions unanswered. I wasn't really satisfied, in the end - there seemed to be something missing. The mod. has the unpolished feel of the rush-job. The attitudes of the people, for example, go entirely unexplained. You never know why they're so hard-up, or why they act so strangely towards the party.

Now, for the technicalities.

Any module which includes a completely unbeatable fight for no reason has one major strike against it. Depending on your route through a maze, you may find yourself up against Earth Elementals. This would be all well and fine if it wasn't for the fact that there have been no +2 or better weapons given out, and your characters will all be about 4th or 5th level. This leaves you in an impossible combat, unable to hit the creatures physically, and without the spellpower to damage them to death. Luckily, they move very slowly and I was able to escape the battle. Still, it's my considered opinion that no one should be forced to flee a battle for no cause.

There are no random encounters to worry about, which, frankly, is the way I prefer it. There are touches of atmosphere in the writing, and the touches are quite good. However, in light of the writing style of the *rest* of the module, its use seems a bit awkward.

The buildings in Woodhall go unmarked, which is one of my pet peeves. Shops, taverns, and the like should always include a sign, in my opinion. For convenience and logic's sake, you know?

All in all, I enjoyed the little run through Garland's Grotto... but don't expect a huge epic adventure, or anything particularly new. Just a bit of mindless fun, I suppose.

Story Execution: B-
Encounters: B-
Innovativity: B
Bug Control: A
Overall: B
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