Author Topic: REVIEW: Game19: GA3 - Tales of Enchantment (by Ray Dyer)  (Read 833 times)

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REVIEW: Game19: GA3 - Tales of Enchantment (by Ray Dyer)
« on: January 23, 2009, 06:02:52 PM »
Game19: GA3 - Tales of Enchantment
by Ray Dyer

Reviewed by Foy Burns

In my continuing series of "Dawn & Foy's Adventures" in the TSR module conversion world of The Realm:

   In this module the party is recruited by a worried father to track down and bring home his errant son. There is actually a lot more to the plot but that is all you know about at the beginning.

   This game is very big and very well done. It is possible to finish it quickly but it is much more fun to search every corner and stretch it out so you can catch all the little surprises that Ray has in store for you.

Things I liked:

   * The story is well developed and I think Ray translated it well into UA.

   * The map from the father is much easier to read and use than other maps Ray has done.

   * The "dungeons" were well done, the forest "walls" are practically seemless and unlike some of the other Realms games it is never difficult to tell where the path is.

   * Multiple endings depending on what you do during the adventure.

   * There were a couple of really challenging combats that were fun. I especially liked the kobold battle.

   * The frame, font and music set were good and seemed appropriate

Things I disliked:

   * I think there is some sort of bug in the ending. I didn't encounter it but my wife finished the module properly and was shut out by the father, as if the son were lost. I'm not sure why. The end sequence gave her the maximum award.

   * Not being able to return to town after . I mean, really, if he doesn't want to go to town then walk me back to his place! I needed a place to rest!

   Wow, I just can't think of anything else. This was a really great adventure and even the omni-present "repeating text" problem didn't rear its ugly head too often. The fact that I was completely lost most of the time shouldn't be counted against the game. :-)

   We give this game two thumbs up! Nice work Ray! For our next adventure we decided to go back east and tackle Game 11, The Lost Tower of Castanamir.
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Re: REVIEW: Game19: GA3 - Tales of Enchantment (by Ray Dyer)
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2009, 09:43:54 AM »
Game19: GA3 - Tales of Enchantment
by Ray Dyer

Reviewed by Harri Polsa

    Another good title sequence (it used my music... but the music was written for the FM sounds and didn't sound good enough on the wavetable (this criticism is aimed at myself, not the designer)). This seemed like a nice change of pace after the confusing tower. A forest can be equally confusing, but at least there is room. The design has a very 'foresty' feel all over, from recolored frame to almost everything else. The plot was quite interesting too.

        This was the first Realm game where I felt my choices actually had some real consequence in the long run. I could avoid some of the combats by talking (or just moving the other way) but curiously, the game's somewhat paranoid atmosphere led me to pick the 'fight' option before anything else.

        The forest was large, but never felt overwhelming. And since there were no wandering monsters, I could wander around 'safely'. Only problems were the rest spots. There seemed to be only one in the whole forest, and the other option was to return to the 'town' (not exactly a town, more like a collection of huts), but this wasn't possible if you had certain people with the party. Some of the encounters had different flavors depending on who is with you, these were all very nice touches. My only real 'aargh!' during this game happened with the kobold fight. After all, this is year 2000 and the design is from the year 1999, so I wasn't really expecting anything like that anymore...

        This game didn't suffer from the repeating descriptions, mostly because there weren't that many to begin with. This was great. Now that I think of it, I think this is my favourite Realm game this far.

        The art was from average to excellent. No 'eight or so' colored pictures this time...

[OL: This review was cropped from Harri's article Travels in the Realm - Part 1. To read the full story - including the fictional parts about Harri's party traveling in the Realm - use this link:

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Re: REVIEW: Game19: GA3 - Tales of Enchantment (by Ray Dyer)
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2018, 10:09:31 PM »
Playing the Westlands campaign of the Realms this was my least favourite module so far.

After so many FRUA designs with forest mazes I usually groan at the sight of one these days. But this was one of the better designed ones, and it reminded me a bit of the Ruins in Secret of the Silver Blades (minus the legions upon legions of hostile monsters, of course).
There were many fun encounters, but none of them especially hard. I liked that I could avoid some of them, but I wonder what I missed, since I didn't accumulate anything to sell at the end of the adventure.

But overall it felt rather disjointed. I found Barens and the Pixie girl very quickly, but numerous events suggested we were still looking for Barens. They suggested we should talk to the Pixie King, but offered no directions, and neither did they have much to say later on, which was disappointing. I don't know if silent NPCs were part of the pen&paper design, though.

There was a bug with the Kobold ambush. If having Find Traps active, a Guided Tour event fires which leads to a forest square with no exit.

I completed with a "balanced" ending.
If there was some way of making Fiona the witch turning Gwellen into a Human or Barens into a Pixie, I didn't discover it. Even armed with the Tome of Thought and the broom (of which only the former turned up in Inventory), Fiona was not interested in talking to us, even though we had earlier helped her.

The game ended rather abruptly (although the one time Barens spoke up he warned us about this path leading to the Pixies), so I wasn't able to explore all.
And what was the Traveler NPC about?

Too many loose ends.