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Completely unrelated to UA
« on: February 26, 2009, 11:38:43 PM »
Since this is the General Discussion area, I thought it might be okay to post something completely unrelated to UA for discussion & comments.

For the smartest computer geeks among us here, I have a question.  What is the best way to back-up multiple computers with different operating systems to a single external hard drive?

I just bought an external USB2.0 1TB hard drive, a My Book from Western Digital, to use as my primary back-up device, as I have been lax in doing timely back-ups of my computer systems and want to get them all safely backed up on a regular basis before I have a major disaster and lose some data that is really important to me.

I have way too many computers to admit to anyone here without becoming very embarrassed (I still have my first computer from 1987, Amiga 1000), but the only ones I am concerned about backing up are; 1. my main Windows Vista Dell XPS630i quad core extreme that I use for my home based consulting & CAD design/drafting business; 2. my MacBook laptop that sees a lot of use as I do most of my Internet browsing and email with it, as well as being able to dual boot into Windows XP Pro to do some work for my business on; 3. my Intel MacMini that resides in my car and is used for GPS navigation and entertainment; 4. a newly acquired G4 PPC MacMini that gets used for some home entertainment while it is waiting for the MorphOS development team to complete their work of porting their "Lightning Fast OS", MorphOS3.0 (a Next-Gen AmigaOS) to all PPC MacMini's; and finally maybe 5. my HP NX5000 laptop that is running only Ubuntu Linux.

Time Machine will take care of all the Mac computers without any conflict problems as it will automatically separate each different computer and track them all separately.  In fact as I type this on my Linux laptop, my MacBook is being backed up via Time Machine to a 400GB partition on the 1TB external drive.  My thought was to re-partition the 1TB external drive into 4 separate partitions, one that is 400GB and formatted HFS extended (journaled), for all of the Mac computers, one partition that is 300GB for my Windows Home/Office Dell tower, one partition that is about 115GB for saving all my Amiga files and programs to for posterity and one last 115GB partition for backing up the Linux laptop.

I don't know if my plan is a good one, or if I should just have left the drive as one large partition connected to just one of the computers as a shared drive, but then I could not have used the MacOSX Time Machine, as it requires the drive (or partition) to be formatted in a Mac file system, not FAT32, or NTFS.

Does anyone here have any comments or ideas on this unrelated subject?
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