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Dungeon Craft - Artwork / Re: Portrait Wizard
« Last post by Dinonykos on Today at 11:24:20 AM »
Really nice portraits!
Dungeon Craft - Module Previews / Re: PREVIEW: Something Planescape
« Last post by Dinonykos on Today at 11:22:16 AM »
Dungeon Craft - Module Reviews / REVIEW: 'Fury' by Hari Polsa
« Last post by Dinonykos on Today at 11:21:24 AM »
Review of 'Fury' by Hari Polsa
Review made by Dinonykos

I played 'Fury' by Hari Polsa for about an hour only, and then for reasons described below decided not to continue with this design. This does not mean that it is a bad design, though, I rather think it is quite good.

The design:
The design comes with several files with information on the background story. According to these, Fury is a DC remake of a FRUA module, and furthermore, it is rather a kind of an epilogue to another FRUA design by Hari Polsa. There is a file named “INTRVIEW.EXE” which according to the author is in DRC format and shall feature an interview with the main character. Nice idea, but I must admit I do not know how to open that file.
The design does not include an exe-file with the game engine, but I found it is playable with DC0.914 which I just moved into the design folder. I guess it will not work with newer versions of DC. I have probably only seen 10% of the game considering how many level files there are.
The design has a Sci-Fi setting. To start it, you need to add the only available character 'Jade' – there is no possibility to create characters. In the framework of an introduction, you are told that you have to find out about an explosion in a high security building. In the following, you can visit different locations where you can find information and helpful objects. I was quite motivated since the design features quite interesting characters and well-made locations (compare “Graphics”). However, in the framework of my investigation, there were several events which were quite 'adult' in nature and which I did not find likable. I concluded that even though I was interested in solving the mystery, I would probably not really enjoy the design and decided to stop playing it.

Characters: 8 of 10
The main character was complex and interesting, but not the type of character I would like to play. The NPCs were convincing.

Graphics: 8 of 10
The art is b/w, which fits well with the design. All characters in this game seem to be based on actors, and a great variety of screenshots/photos is used to show the characters in different situations. The walls are also very variable and well done. For my taste, they could be more three-dimensional, but this design was made before we had the 'hyper wall' format. Other art, like the overland map (a city) were also well made. In any case, the graphics are very consistent, I only missed nice area artwork.

Playability: ? (6 of 10)
I have not played enough to really decide this, but while the general playability is all right, I sometimes had wished for more options to examine objects. The overland map, while nicely drawn, had the disadvantage that it was difficult to know where one could go. I did not have any combat encounters.

Sounds: ? (7 of 10)
My impression is that Hari Polsa did put a lot of effort in music and sounds, but I did not see enough of the design to say if it was always fitting.

Story: ? (7 of 10)
The story of the design began very promising, and even though I did not play the preceding design 'GPCP', I had the impression that there was a very well-thought background story.

I would recommend this design to all potential players who are not repelled by PG-18-rated material.
Dungeon Craft - Artwork / Re: Portrait Wizard
« Last post by ProphetSword on Today at 08:33:38 AM »
Male fighters or paladins (your call):

Dungeon Craft - Module Previews / Re: PREVIEW: Something Planescape
« Last post by steve_mcdee on Today at 01:20:11 AM »
Looks great. I love the look, and especially the font -- way better than the default.
Dungeon Craft - Module Previews / Re: PREVIEW: Something Planescape
« Last post by Mechanaut on Today at 12:32:16 AM »
This looks very promising.  8)
Dungeon Craft - Module Previews / PREVIEW: Something Planescape
« Last post by Nol Drek on February 24, 2018, 11:50:15 PM »


"Don't go to sleep cutter - that's where the shadows slink, gnawing at the frail cord of sanity. The dream-touched sods of Sigil are snapping one by one, turning on each other like wildcats in the streets. And as people become animals, animals become monsters, rending friend and foe alike with fang and claw. The lawful factions have enough trouble dealing with a rash of breakouts from the Prison. But when the shackles of society fall away, it's all a body can do to keep the beast within from bursting free - and running wild."

Dungeon Craft - Artwork / Re: Portrait Wizard
« Last post by Mechanaut on February 24, 2018, 10:18:59 PM »

Black backgrounds work fine, but a pink one would also work.  Using the color: #ff00c8 , or rgb( 255,0,200 );
Dungeon Craft - Artwork / Re: Portrait Wizard
« Last post by ProphetSword on February 24, 2018, 08:28:07 PM »
Are you keeping the backdrops as part of the image to put into DC or do you want to have them all consistently black? I can do either. Just let me know.
Dungeon Craft - Artwork / Re: Portrait Wizard
« Last post by manikus on February 24, 2018, 05:54:17 PM »
I like the female fighters. :)

I think a black background would work fine.
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