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REVIEW: Game46: Palace of Dread (by Ray Dyer)
« on: March 31, 2017, 11:38:41 PM »
Another entry into the One-Week Challenge (, out of an headspinning ten! such mods by Ray Dyer, Game46: Palace of Dread continues the "Thunder Rift" campaign, and (I believe) allows the Player to finally put an end to the Goblin threat which has grown through at least two of the previous entries (Game 44: Red Hand Trail & Game 45: Trouble Below).   

This is a nice, solid adventure, but I do very much recommend bearing to the left for awhile after entering the cave, since this will cause the story will play out in much more satisfying manner.  :thumbsup:

The alliance of monster types seems quite logical, here.  The variety of goblin types was a welcome expansion to an old enemy.  And I particularly liked the Wolf Riders. 

The art & music are again nice, but I didn't care for the choice of font.  I substituted it with Ben J's "Ghosts 'n Goblins" font (, which seemed to me wonderfully apropos. 

I only noticed one typo ("tattos"). 

Thanks for another fun session, Ray!   :icon_bigsmurf:

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Re: REVIEW: Game46: Palace of Dread (by Ray Dyer)
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2017, 07:57:07 PM »
 * This review follows the designer's advise to run the Thunder Rift series (along with game07: B10 Assault on Raven's Ruin) in a particular order.

 * Party rolled: Human female Paladin LG, Dwarf male Cleric LN, Centaur male Ranger NG, Gnome female Magic-User NN, Halfelf male Cleric/Magic-User CG, Halfling male Thief CN -- Ray's Realm allows such racial classing as part of the adventuring package and encourages his Realm players to mix in as many races and classes so as to enjoy the breadth and depth of any given adventure... so's I dids!

 A word about the Thunder Rift modules: these adventures were created in 1992 (when some of us were youngers just starting to explore the game) and were meant to be a sandbox of sorts for DMs and players both new to the game.  They allowed for a lot of modification and were interconnected only by threads, to be filled and fleshed out by the DM running things, adaptable to any of the gameworlds.  As such, there is ample opportunity for Ray to put his Realmstamp upon them, which I am pleased to find to be the case.  I didn't think I would recall as much as I did about the wilderness spread of the adventures, but it didn't affect my play of them in the least.  Ray's done the project a fine service in his importation to the Realm, with custom music and graphics detailing each design individually. On to it, then!

 After several recurring clashes with local goblin factions, our party has now been tasked to take a tactical offense to them: the mayor of Kleine's scouts have finally returned from the Burning Hills with good news and the suspected base location of the goblinoid threat!  We were immediately saddled with the mayor's own choice of guides, much to our party's ranger, but we seriously doubt the guide is going to be paid as much as we are for this job.  At least, that's what we talk about when Avalaigne is off doing her toilet or polishing her armour or whatever tasks a paladin does to stay in good standing with their regulations.

 We arrived at the location to find a zig-zagging valley with many suspicious-looking caves and a host of spots where anything could be laying in ambush for us.  The guide pointed out some tracks and promptly stalked off, presumably back to Kleine, leaving us to it...

 This adventure is fairly straightforward, and we enjoyed the prospect of having some delightful revenge upon the goblin lair that has been making a mess of things across the Thunder Rift.  The Burning Hills appear to be riddled with caves just like the ones the adventure takes place in, and once again the dungeon environment itself plays a good part in the journey.  Another surprise were the great enemy sprites and pictures that I hadn't seen before and some new (or sorely underused) combat icons.  There are some significantly-tactical battles this time around, which adds to the fun.  Also, we are without a compass this time around, though many rooms feature cardinal directions in their descriptions.  Consistent use of area notes, especially the ones Ray uses upon revisiting chambers, is a great help (and a great feature).  My party found some very good and useful magical equipment this time around, which I probably would have missed out on had I not been paying attention to some text event wording...  Also, we received significant rewards at the close of the adventure, so be certain to visit Kleine's businesses and folks before completing.

 We left the growing village, now featuring even more folks as the Rift becomes safer for both immigration and merchant activity, to see all of the adventure's closure before returning to bunk at the local inn and [R]emoved ourselves for transfer to the next module of play.

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Re: REVIEW: Game46: Palace of Dread (by Ray Dyer)
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2017, 10:02:58 AM »
Goblins again, but this time of a greater variety and with more tactical options. I enjoyed this dungeon crawl. Training cost was still the same bargain, and with no other use for all the coins I accumulated and that were weighing my party down, I resorted to 'forgetting' around 3000 platinum on the counter of a town shop, making the owner a rich man. He thanked me for it by calling me a jerk, but that's the way of the world, I guess.  ;)