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Re: Characters above Level 20
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That might be true now looking at it. I am off to bed as it is already late now and will leave it for tomorrow. But now I think that I have only read Waterdeep and Trial of Cyric the mad where most of the godhood events were explained (and not first 2 parts :(). I was thinking that those guys were higher level when they achieved godhood. I have looked at their stats in Hall of Heroes book though, and now I remember that Zagyg constructed some form of prison for gods to be able to achieve god status, but I think he was very high level at that time.

Oh well I will try searching more about it tomorrow, one thing though this books brings up back memories :)
and now looking at it I remembered that there was Prince of Lies book in between that I have actualy read, so Yes I think I have not read first two :/ Anyway here is a good link about FR novels and I am glad that it still works :)