Author Topic: dungeon craft having huge problems  (Read 7419 times)

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Re: dungeon craft having huge problems
« Reply #90 on: December 22, 2015, 02:28:31 PM »
thanks for the tip

the module im making

leather armor oh my its hard times for the players in eye of the beholder im looking forward to see what the party can do
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Re: dungeon craft having huge problems
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It looks good, just don't give up :) there are things that are buggy but it is possible to make something, avoid bugs and make backups often.

I can see that You are using 640x480 square resolution and that in combat your combat borders are in the middle of the screen. My solution for that is to resize combat borders to 1.1 pixels, then they will not be visible. Just be careful to make backup files in case something goes bad.

I will try making minimod tomorrow of the problem with game.dat if someone else is not on that already.

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Re: dungeon craft having huge problems
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yes i dont know why all that errors comes now, it was not there before, and i have taking the working dc file and put it into a folder, im using the older version of the dc and i got futher in my building but it endet up making a crash again. its frusturating way to work like that

i have not made a backup and i did the whole first level of dungeon 1 then backdrop wall zones and it went fint then event and after mabey 9 events it crashed

i used DungeonCraftEditor_233

now i have downloadet DungeonCraftEditor_2_17 and im gonna try and use that to see if i can get no errors

its going much better with 2.17 DungeonCraftEditor

no errors

so make youre module in 2.17 dungeon craft editor, then when its done use the right dungeon craft where you can level up and you wont get no errors, i have none errors so far

2.17 dungeon craft editor put in its own dungeon craft to start the game use that one untill it is finish

i have attatch my module the start map for those who are interasted to see the start of it
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Re: dungeon craft having huge problems
« Reply #93 on: February 23, 2016, 09:54:42 AM »
I do not know if you already solved the problem with the combat borders - it happens when you combine combat borders of a certain state of DC with newer versions of the game engine. In case you still have the problem, I could provide you with some borders...
I guess you are also aware that EoB walls have been converted to DC, you should find them here in the forum...
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