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"Winter" mod contest reminder
« on: October 31, 2011, 10:21:58 PM »
Hey!  There's two months left to create an entry for the "Winter" mod contest.  Still plenty of time to whip up a small or mini mod!   ;D  The guidelines, again, are as follows:

Theme: Winter.
Size: Any.
Genre: Any.
Hacks: Any.
Deadline: December 31st, this year (2011).

Any story that feels Wintery, snowy, cold, or otherwise of the Season is fine; so, not excluding but not necessarily Christmas-y. It doesn't even have to be set in Winter as long as it's cold or snowy, and it doesn't even have to be cold or snowy as long as it's set in Winter. The theme is meant to give as much flexibility as possible.

Story may be original, or any type of conversion.

Mods can be for Unlimited Adventures or Dungeon Craft, which may or may not be judged separately.

Mods may be hacked or unhacked (but for the standard UA fantasy genre, the UA1.3 patch is recommended).

Open to all genres: Forgotten Realms, Super-Hero, Oriental Adventures, Ravenloft, one of your own, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

The deadline is the end of this year, but a grace period of two or three weeks into January will be afforded for late entries.

Tentative plans are for the contest's winner(s) to be decided by a Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures Forum open Poll vote -- but, really, everybody wins -- both authors & players!   ;)  (The origin of this contest has been strictly grassroots, rather than through sponsorship of the UA Newsletter.)