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In theory? Sure, DC could do this. :D
I am sure that if we ever were to implement this, that we would build in backwards compatibility.

There are lotss of other graphic things that I prioritize over this, but I have definitely put request on the list. :D
Thanks for the answer; I wasn't sure if DC could reasonably support a change to the icon behavior, without extensive changes to allow it.   

Could the updated engine (that hypothetically supports animated combat icons) treat the traditional format as the new format—lacking optional details, and having just the two icon frames; defaulting to the same two for all actions?  Such that the pre-existing designs supply enough information as-is, but that new designs can supply additional content and details, like allocating for more than two frames, supplying the frame images, and perhaps different image sets for different supported actions.

I didn't envision smooth bobbing avatars from this; just the appearance of slight evolution to the GB system. Even just three frames could be cool.
There are really two things here - 1) more than one frame for attack 2) frames for other things.

The short ansswer is that DC already does multi-frame animations - spells for example currently use from 2 to 16 frames, picked by the designer.

Isssue #1:   right now, DC can use multiframe (more than 2) for combatant icons, but each 2 is a different icon index. We can switch back and forth between them using GPDL scripts. We would have to have ssome way to differentiate between the two.
Issue #2:   backwards compatibility - when we introduce exxtra frames how will DC deal with the traditional format.

I don't mean to imply that this should not be a feature request. :) I just want to throw out some thoughts on the topic, because we have discussed this several times before. Historically, we have opted to continue to use the FRUA/GB format.
Dungeon Craft - Artwork / Re: Hero Craft smallpics & portraits & Sprites
« Last post by manikus on June 06, 2017, 12:56:04 PM »
My current issue is that I have a helmet that is just a helmet on the right side, but is permeanently attached on the left, includingcovering parts of the face. I have yet to achieve any looks with or without hair that look right. I have put it on the backburner for now and will continue to work on other sstuff. :D

What I have been working on, and no success yet, is to use the proper blend of shaders and outlinging to make some 3D renders that work as "toons", and without outlining look in the style of Uatu. Once I can figure this out, then I will go back to rendering for my art. And maybe consider selling my schema if it is different enough... (many, many peole in the 3D community are doing toons.)
Dungeon Craft - Module Previews / Re: Towers of Magic
« Last post by Milos Gulan on June 06, 2017, 10:04:33 AM »
It seems summer is starting and I will have to switch to summer work routine. I hope I will be able to work good and continue with this as I have all on my old lap top, only that I will not be able to make renders with DS as it is on my desktop. I am not sure how it will go but it remains to be seen. Real work is starting about 15 july but I expect that I will start to work about 15 june. I will have to go to lifeguard course from 9-15 june and I probably will bring some notebooks and draw my maps there in free time :)

Anyway, I will try to be here as much as I can and make this module look better. It is definitely important for me but I have to take care of some more important things first :)
Dungeon Craft - Artwork / Re: Hero Craft smallpics & portraits & Sprites
« Last post by Dinonykos on June 06, 2017, 06:24:51 AM »
Whoa - didn't know those guys were moonlighting as superheroes in their off-hours...  I like Mayo Man (guy #1), the Green Yesman (guy #5), and Mask Woman (woman #2) best :D
I am happy that you like Manikus' modifications. I guess I will then continue with my efforts to do similar modifications.

Though, I am going to have to rethink the female cyborg, or at least do it with a different base image. Cyborg permanetly worn helmets and existing hair don't mix so well.
That's one of the things I also have to consider for my helmettigers... :D

Depending on the level of technology, I think combinations of helmets and hair should be possible, too.

Could Dungeoncraft support multiframe combat icons, or is that a foul can [of] worms?

The (probably short lived) title says it all... I was just curious if that were even remotely feasible for a future update?

To be clear, specifically: I mean animating the combat icons with a few frames on each action.  So instead of only the start & end frames (as with GB)... for actions, there could be a few middle frames. (I was thinking four or five frames in total.)

*It occurs to me (now) that this could potentially mean two or more actions; walking & attacking.
General Discussion / Re: Inspirations: Movies, Music, Websites etc.
« Last post by Milos Gulan on June 06, 2017, 02:47:18 AM »
I am reading Unfinished Tales by Talkien and when I finish it I think I will finish with most his bigger works. Here is one link about it and there is a lot more on that channel

The Dragons of Middle-Earth
Dungeon Craft - General / Re: Feature Request: Multi-Page text Statements
« Last post by steve_mcdee on June 05, 2017, 07:36:54 PM »
I'm happy with the proposal for the last page to display the standard text, knowing that backspace still does its job, even though the player is not told that on the last page. Good work, Paul.
General Discussion / Re: Inspirations: Movies, Music, Websites etc.
« Last post by hans on June 05, 2017, 03:46:40 PM »
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is a worthy addition to the franchise.  More than that, it contains the most satisfying conclusion of any of the Pirates films.  It ends so well that I kinda hope this will be the last of the series, so they don't spoil it.   :P
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