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new as of engine 3.24: Change Class fixed
« on: September 28, 2017, 03:35:51 PM »
Thanks to Paul and his great patience, we can now change classes of our human PCs in the Training Hall event. It is now completely scripted, so now is completely adaptable to each designer's desires.

Attached below is the new Special Abilities database in .dat format (just drop in to any design using the default database). I have also included the text version of these new SAs so you can add them to your design if not using the default databases.
Additionally, there is a new class database available, the .dat is just like with above. If using your own databases, add the following line to each class:
Code: [Select]
Special Ability = ChangeClassXXX
XXX is the name of your class.

If you have different class names, the name of SA can be changed to the name of your new class(es).

Dungeon Craft engine 3.24

You need the border_Compass.png file if you are using the full database.
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