Author Topic: REVIEW: Batteries Not Included - Chapter 4 (by Jacek Dobrzyniecki)  (Read 555 times)

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Batteries Not Included - Chapter 4
by Jacek Dobrzyniecki

Reviewed by hans


    Jacek "Judgedeadd" Dobrzyniecki has ULed the fourth installment of what I believe is UA's longest running serial, "Batteries not included - Chapter 4" ( to the UA File Archive, and IMO, it's the best yet. Why? Characterizations.

    Jacek's writing is still full of the same sharply satirical humor (aimed at both general fantasy targets and UA-specific ones) that made its predecessors such hoots, but now he's adding fuller characterizations. In earlier installments, Jacek stripped things down to the bare essentials of a typical UA quest storyline and then roasted those bare bones over lampooning flames. With this episode, Jacek lets his characters talk more, producing richer comedic results. It's still a short mod, but it's building on what has come before to reach higher heights of hilarity.

    If you haven't been playing the serial, go back and start at the first one. They're all quick to download and quick to play but each offers plenty of giggles and even laugh-out-loud moments.