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REVIEW: The Treasure of Dragonguard (by Steve Gulgas)
« on: February 14, 2016, 12:23:55 PM »
A peaceful dragon loses its treasure, and the party must recover it.

This module started out quite promising, with quite an original story and decent writing (but some bad spelling).
But in the end I rage quit after the third random encounter in five steps, all of which were the same party of 10 "Evil Fighters", which we had already enocuntered numerous times in smaller groups in the previous town.

All the areas I had explored were towns, the last two of them having random encounters.
One was just a ruin, with only two events, one of which you would miss if not lawn mowing the map.

The story was quite good, but it was hard to figure out where to go next. After the second town, you are supposed to go to a Halfling village, but right in the path is the town you are supposed to be sent to after the Halfling village, making events make no sense.

The economy is also out of whack. You get lots of magical weapons from random encounters, which can be sold at high price in one shop, and then you can use the money to by Speed Boots and other items (no Girdles or Vorpal Swords, though) for all the party.

A typical first generation FRUA module (from 1994), that could have been good with some editing.
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