Author Topic: REVIEW: SS1: The Huntmaster of Hulberg (by Ben Sanderfer)  (Read 418 times)

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REVIEW: SS1: The Huntmaster of Hulberg (by Ben Sanderfer)
« on: February 08, 2016, 02:41:08 AM »
An artifact of power has been stolen from the Paladins of Sune. Can you stop the Huntmaster from using it?

This was a nice little module in the Gold Box tradition.
Solid craftmanship, but not reaching brilliance or being very original.
Good writing, and no typos or spelling errors that I could spot.

Rosedragon lists it as a 1997 design, but the actual game files are dated January 1994, so it's one Ben's AKA The Shadow Sorcerer (why so many nicks?), earliest designs, made with a pre-patch version of FRUA. This is evident by a Guided Tour event failing, which is a game breaking bug. But fortunately it's easily fixed by just deleting that event, since it's just one step, followed by a Transfer Module event.

The design is very combat heavy, with some areas having random encounters every fifth or so steps, which became rather tireing. Also with the sheer amount of encounters they tend to be a bit samey, but there's also lots of unique encounters to spice it up.

Newly created characters start with 3,500 XP and Modest equipment, and will probably have a very hard time. The only missile weapons for sale are Slings and Staff Slings, and the best armour is Chain Mail. There's no Potions to be bought either. So I can imagine the module being rather frustrating and requiring lots of resting.
Myself I transfered in characters with about 4,500 XP, Plate Mail, a few +1 weapons, lots of Arrows and Darts, and one Potion of Extra Healing each, and I felt the design was balanced for that party.
They finished the design with about 13,000 XP each.

So I strongly recommend transfering in a stronger party which includes a Paladin. The NPC that joins you for some reason runs away like a little girl if you don't have a Paladin to lead her.

Overall a good design if you like combat, but not so much if you play FRUA for compelling stories. It could have been a classic with some tweaking and bug fixing (and if the sequel had been finished).
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