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General Discussion / Re: SHUA
« Last post by hans on November 17, 2017, 02:05:29 PM »
Justice League is a very good movie.  More fun and more kid friendly than Zach Snyder's last two DC movies (which is a good thing) without compromising too much the characters and world he established.  With Wonder Woman and now this, I think DC is hitting a good stride.   :D
Dungeon Craft - Development / Re: add-on for monsters database: LOWER PLANES
« Last post by manikus on November 17, 2017, 01:23:08 PM »
No worries, my friend. :D If you put out art at any time,I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.
Dungeon Craft - Development / Re: add-on for monsters database: LOWER PLANES
« Last post by Uatu on November 17, 2017, 06:56:13 AM »
Great work as usual!  Sorry for the lack of much art lately...  Work and housework have been taking up most of my time of late... :(
General Discussion / Re: Inspirations: Movies, Music, Websites etc.
« Last post by hans on November 16, 2017, 10:09:17 PM »
I caught an episode of The Orville, tonight, my first of the season.  Or was I having a flashback of watching Star Trek: The Next Generation?  I can't tell which.   :P
Dungeon Craft - Module Previews / Re: Towers of Magic
« Last post by Milos Gulan on November 16, 2017, 08:41:19 AM »
I tried to make a cleric sprites but somehow I went for other things, that is building like this one above. I am trying to collect and work things out so I can make graphics for my mod.

But beside that I also am having a little trouble with adventure ideas. I still need to upload my small pictures and yesterday I was thinking what to prepare for my Ad&d group and found my collection of unofficial Ad&d adventures that are mostly gone from net. I think I will need to look trough them to see if I can find something useful and try to make some short sidetreks and adventure. I will be playing with them today as a player but after that I will try to do something with DC.
Dungeon Craft - FAQs & Knowledge / day of the week
« Last post by manikus on November 15, 2017, 04:10:08 PM »
If you have ever wanted to know what day of the week it was in your design...
Code: [Select]
$VAR dow; $VAR dlist; $VAR day;
dow = $GET_PARTY_DAYS() %# 7;
dlist = "$Sunday$Monday$Tuesday$Wednesday$Thursday$Friday$Saturday";
day = $DelimitedStringSubstring(dayList, dow);

You can use this in places that display text, such as with the TimeText Hook for display during 3D view - the current default release uses a version of this to display the day of the week near the compass.
Dungeon Craft - FAQs & Knowledge / item double damage versus undead
« Last post by manikus on November 15, 2017, 02:29:36 PM »
Here is a script to make your weapon do double damage against undead opponents.
The below instructions are for use with your texxt databases (but are easily adaptable to use in the editors)

You nee to add a line to your item that reads:
Code: [Select]
Special Ability = item_DoubleVsUndead

This script needs to be added to you special abilities database...
Code: [Select]
name = item_DoubleVsUndead
[ComputeDamage] = $VAR tgt; $VAR p5;
-tgt = $IndexOf($TargetContext());
-p5 = $GET_HOOK_PARAM(5);
-$IF ($GET_CHAR_UNDEAD(tgt) != "none") {$RETURN p5 *# 2;};
Dungeon Craft - FAQs & Knowledge / STICKY: Script Library
« Last post by manikus on November 15, 2017, 02:22:47 PM »
-=The Dungeon Craft Script Library=-

In this thread I am going to collect various scripts and script snippets. This first post will contain links to the various bits of code.

Special Abilities:
   item double damage versus undead
   day of the week
Dungeon Craft - Module Previews / Re: Towers of Magic
« Last post by Milos Gulan on November 15, 2017, 08:14:43 AM »
I have this one and still it waits for me to learn how to use it :)

Btw I am out of sources till next month, but at least I have got PC+ membership for a year so I am good to work and got really a lot of nice things for PC+ members. Here is one picture I was working on lately trying to learn to use Layer shaders.

Also I have not been doing much lately as I mostly was trying to sort DS content. Got very nice skeleton called Second Sid here and was thinking to do some characters with him for this mod.

I was hoping that I will have something for this weekend or next one but I was mostly visiting doctors with my mom and needed to go to dentist to pull my teeths out. Got 3 need 1 or 2 more. Very painful after though everything went good.

Anyway I still need to download and install Mankus new walls and to update DC files to newest version, finish sorting my pictures for DC and give it a go. I hope I will do something for this or more likely for next weekend. My group gathered again and we played some Game of Thrones boardgame and will play some Ad&d tomorrow. After that I am returning to DC :)

Here is the picture where I finaly learned to use and added ivy to the walls, I did it for New Users Challenge at DAZ, something like tutorial thread. I wish there is something for VS studio here, I still need to watch those toturials and to learn what I can.
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