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Title: Time/resources limits
Post by: Dinonykos on January 15, 2016, 06:09:57 AM
Among the designs I have made so far, two had a time limit, and one had a food system (Cold Trail). In the related reviews (e.g. by Ben J. and Hans), these limits were rather seen as weak points. To some degree, this was probably because I made too harsh limits, and there was a bug in the food system in Cold Trail. So the problem was perhaps not so much that there were limits, but that these limits were unfair. But I am not sure, therefore, I started this poll. Additionally, it might be interesting to see if other designers have additional ideas for limits...

For the "Case of the stolen Masterpiece"-project, I would also like to add a time limit. Uatu and I already discussed a little that an alternative to a "game-time" limit could be that the game endsafter a certain amount of events (this is what is meant in option 4). In case of the "Case-project", for example, after a certain number of witnesses have been questioned about a crime, the player would be forced to identify a culprit. I could imagine that this approach is less frustating then a time limit that is based on "real game time".
Title: Re: Time/resources limits
Post by: Milos Gulan on January 15, 2016, 07:43:16 AM
I voted for other, meaning I want to see them all in game and I would like to learn to use them too, hoping that it is not hard to do.

I also think that limits are realistic but they shouldn't be too hard. They can be a problem when they are too hard, and I think game should most importantly be a good story that should be easy solvable.

Now my idea was to have a game without saving games during playtime but I would alllow saving games when away from computer. I still don't know how to do this and would like to hear how it can be done. My thoughs are to maybe save only once in 2 hours or so, but I don't know how to do it. Then game would be just a lot of different choices and not saving games too often would just add more to replayability.

Now about other listed limits, I don't feel they should be most important thing in most designs (there are some that could have time limit or others as important factor of course) but I would like to see them of course. My concept is having more small adventures and sure I would like to have similar limits (wish I know how to implement them:)).

But as limits limit things there should be some things that could help with limits and add help like for examle weight limits mule could come in handy or something else that carry things, time and food sure can be rationalizied, and others like limited events or fights could also be interesting. Just one thing that I always found problematic in FRUA, too hard end fight with lots of monsters that is actualy problem to finish the game and happened to me few times to give up because of it. That means if there are limits they shouldn't be too hard and designer should carefuly use them :)

This is very inspirative topic and I am glad that You started it. Finaly my opinion is that story of the game shouldn't be influenced too much with limits but they can be sometimes also interesting if used good. For example in the woods it surely would be more realistic and interesting if there is shortage of food ect. I hope I might learn to use such things in my designs.
Title: Re: Time/resources limits
Post by: Olivier Leroux on January 15, 2016, 01:13:36 PM
Honest answer: No limits. That's not to dissuade you of your idea or to say that I think every adventure should absolutely have no limits whatsoever - sometimes it makes sense and can add to the experience - but if you ask about my personal preference as a player, I really prefer not to be limited as I usually enjoy games the most if they let me explore freely, without stress or worry to miss out on something or be forced to replay (contrary to other players, I really hate replaying RPGs, especially story-oriented ones!).  ;)
Title: Re: Time/resources limits
Post by: steve_mcdee on January 15, 2016, 04:15:11 PM
My answer is no limits.

At least, no overall limits that apply to the entire game. I wouldn't mind, say, a small quest that has to be accomplished within a time limit (say within one hour of game time).

There are two reasons for preferring no overall limit. First, because I like to explore and be thorough and see everything the designer has put into the game. Secondly, if the limit is reached I would not want to replay the whole game to get up to where I was. (So, similar reasons to Olivier.)
Title: Re: Time/resources limits
Post by: Dinonykos on January 16, 2016, 06:28:21 AM
I voted for other, meaning I want to see them all in game and I would like to learn to use them too, hoping that it is not hard to do.
You could also have marked the first three or four, then... :)

I should have mentioned that you can mark more then one option... :)

Although I have added time limits to a few designs, I generally agree with you, Steve and Olivier. I think "game time" limits should rather occur in side quests. You have quite convinced me already to use the "event counting" option in "Case of the stolen Masterpiece" instead of a real time limit - this will allow the player to explore the environment more freely. 
Title: Re: Time/resources limits
Post by: ProphetSword on January 16, 2016, 10:02:47 AM
I also went with no limits.  Games with limits tend to annoy me.  I like the freedom to explore and take my time while doing so, and not having to worry about some arbitrary outside force that can ruin the fun.  As someone else mentioned, it's fine for a side quest or an exciting ending (I did something similar in a Buck Rogers module that required you to escape from a exploding station before it self destructed...and even then, I tried to give plenty of time). But, for a whole game, I would hate it.