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Olivier Leroux:
I know I've asked similar questions before, but please bear with me.   :-[

To what degree is OAUA compatible with hacks? I assume title pics, frame, always icons, backdrops, pics, big pics and sprite are safe to import by copying or using TOOLBOX? What about wildland & dungeon combat art, PC & combat icons, combat sprites, wall art? Safe, too? Or are there any problems with the palette?

I guess CKIT hacks are off-limits, at least for designers who'd need to resort to UA tools and are not prepared to use hex editors and the like? So no changing in-game text, number of party members etc.? What about sounds (voc) and music (xmi)? And how does one go about adding new music?

Can anyone enlighten me again? Thanks!  :)

Olivier Leroux:
Okay, I've found the answers to most of these questions myself (in the official OAUA manual, who'd have thought!  :o Heh.  :-[ ):

--- Quote ---Importing new pics and sprites are as simple as within standard FRUA.  Walls, backdrops, titles, music and most other art can easily be imported with Toolbox or whatever tools you are accustomed to using.  It's the wildernesses, dungeons and icons that you have to be careful with, because we've changed the default UA palette around a bit to remove the duplicate colors and insert four color-cycling ranges.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---OTHER HACKS

Short answer: I wouldn't try it.  Most of the programs hackers are familiar with through UAShell are simply incompatible with the OA Worldhack due to the extent of CKIT hacks in effect.
--- End quote ---

That covers art & ckit hack. Now the only questions that remain unanswered are those about sound and music.

I replaced all the xmi tunes for each of my OA mods, so UAShell has no problem switching those.  I assume sound effect changes would be no different. 

And, just to confirm, I changed about every type of art in those mods, except the font, too, no problems, except that Wildernesses, Combat Dungeons (and, hence, Cbody &Combat Icons) use a different palette.

...So, when can we expect an OA mod from you, Olivier...?   :)

Olivier Leroux:

--- Quote from: hans on May 07, 2010, 02:52:10 PM ---...So, when can we expect an OA mod from you, Olivier...?   :)

--- End quote ---

Not too soon, I fear. I'm always torn between the many projects I've begun in UA, and if that wouldn't have been enough already I often also toy with the thought of doing something smallscale in NWN...

As for the OAUA projects, I haven't given up on the Lone Wolf & Cub design yet (but I haven't really started it either, apart from a little artwork). This would probably shape into a story-telling mini-mod at best - hopefully comparable to Darius' TMNT - and it's a bit of a waste because even though I'd do it in OAUA, it probably wouldn't have much to with the worldhack and its potential.

The other idea was a tutorial design for OAUA because I think what makes designers shy away from using OAUA is the unfamiliarity with the setting, classes, items etc. In any case it's what always makes me shy away from it, even though I thought about doing an OAUA design more than once. So, to educate myself (force myself to read the manual  ;) ) and allow other players & designers to learn by playing (and skip reading the manual), I thought of a manual disguised as a tutorial design. But I'm still scared by the story part (I have trouble with thinking up good stories even in settings I'm more or less familiar with). I started such a design last year (I think) but soon lost interest in it again (as so often).

I also thought about doing a totally non-canonic bogus OA mod (aside from the fact that OA is a bogus setting itself  ;) ) and base that mod on exploration and hack 'n' slash dungeon crawling only, to demonstrate the features of OAUA and have a little fun designing without the shackles of a storyline. Not sure if that would work and be fun to play though. Besides, I'm not known for my interest in the technical side of UA and my skills in balancing combat, heh.

In any case, I think it's a shame Brian and Darius' (and all the other folks) worked so hard to create OAUA - and everyone's loving it, I bet - but still noone but you, OA expert hans, actually makes use of it (me neither).  :( 

My OA mods have used the Worldhack, but virtually none of the specific OA p&p game universe mythos.  They've simply been Japanese fantasies.  The last, Toudai-Oni, was inspired by a minor incident (one paragraph) I read in a book on Japanese mythology.  A plot from a samurai comicbook, like Lone Wolf & Cub, could just as easily be turned into a mod (in fact, I had considered that, myself).  Those plots often revolve around one simple social fixture or custom from historical Japan (then adding to it characters motivated by revenge or greed). 

IMHO, folks shouldn't worry about how faithful they're being to the genre.  Even Japan's pop culture most of the time plays pretty fast and loose with elements of their own history.   


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