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Food and Drink in DC
« on: May 16, 2017, 05:40:46 PM »
This topic I know to be applicable to myself, Dinonykos and SitlentThief. ;)

Ater ST brought this up the other day, I have been thinking about it in the context of Hero Craft where I have lots of special abilities that modify all kinds of things.
In my first attempt at using Food and Drink, I made them a life and death matter for the PCs. I think that ST was thinking along these lines, too. (Can't remember Dinonykos set up or proposed set up, exactly).

It's not that bad to set up as a designer, but it seems to be more realism than the players want.

Perhaps we can still add it, as more than just color to make the design feel more alive. :) I was thinking that when you are hungry, instead of losing hit points, one of your combat scores is raised (raised = worse) and when you are thirsty, a different combat score could be changed. And you owuldn't want to change these by a large number...let's say that hunger would affect thac0...hungry could mean thac0 raised by 1 and really hungry by 2 and food tracker at 0 could raise by 3.
You could even do similar effects for over-eating. :)

Drink can mean water, but it can also mean alcohol. Currently we have the ability to have something happen in a Tavern if a number is reached, being determined by the designer, as well as the point value of each drink. You could easily use this to chain to an event that would apply a similar effect to the PC. Drunk might mean that a forced Pass Time event occurs or it could mean that for the next 1 hour, the PC's thac0 is raised by 8, the hour after that raised by 5, the hour after that raised by 2. There are really so many different things you could do that wouls just add color to your adventure in a way that had impact on the game, but that wouldn't be showstoppers in the sense of ending the design on their own.