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Dark Sun 1: Shattered Lands
« on: February 23, 2017, 05:49:43 AM »
I was trying to decrypt the save games for Dark Sun 1: Shattered Lands, with the intent of creating a Universal Game Editor module. I was expecting this to be straightforward and it was not. I found the decryption tough going as the format was different to anything I had seen before.
Made a save game, after returning to Slave Pens for the first time I was able to decrypt a lot of the record...
Then I kept playing through the game and saving frequently as I went. I have come to the conclusion that the save game files are obfuscated at least, if not encrypted. It seems that the PC records, or parts thereof, are repeated every time a new area is entered!

Best idea is to look for solutions to problems that might require hex editing of the save game:
Enemy guards with bows are a major hassle, each arrow does a small amount of damage. Inertial Barrier is a good remedy here, ditto an item with a Protection from Missiles effect.
Poison seems to kill the affected PC. Neutralize Poison removes the poisoning but not the status of being dead. Best cure is prevention: Iron Skin and Stoneskin.
Psionic monsters are really nasty on paper but they lose ability to cast when they are wounded every round.

For advice on how to transfer PCs from Shattered Lands to Wake of the Ravager, see this Gog forum topic:

Party line-up:
Half-Giant: Ranger (Air)
Thri-Kreen: Fighter/Druid (Fire)
Mul: Druid (Earth)/Psionicist
Human: Thief->Preserver (dual-class)

No Clerics were included, they get to wear armor but their selection of spells lacks most of the usual "Cleric" spells. After level 3 they only get elemental spells. Yes they can Turn undead but that is not so useful, melee and magic are effective against undead nasties.
Only one Preserver (Mage), enemies tend to spread out a fair bit, this makes Mages less useful.

Where to buy the two Dark Sun games:
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun Series: Dark Sun: Shattered Lands, Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager
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