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3D Resources
« on: December 02, 2011, 03:12:42 PM »
For any of you who might be using Poser, let me post here what I have posted on some other forums, but I don't think any of you read them. :D Anyways, these are freebies for free figures.

Soon you can be making your own portraits and icons for use in Dungeon Craft. :)

This thread is for a series of shaders for the Project Human figures by Sixus1. (All are available for free at and the links are in the readme files).

While Poser 7 and above provide default settings for Subsurface Scatter and Ambiant Occlusioin, they tend to only work well with a certain type of figure, namely the DAZ Millenium figures and the Poser G1 and G2 figures (nothing wrong with that). These Materials setting use colors applicable to each texture map for the particular figure and extend the distance for AO. In the case of the older Sixus1 figures, Bump maps or textures has also been added.

The packages do not contain any texture maps, but use the ones that come with the figure and/or shaders to achieve it's effects. In some cases, Sixus1 created and included Bump maps for the figure, but did not attach them in the Material room.


Project Human Female -

Poser 7 render

Popser 9 render

Project Human Male -

Poser 7 render

Poser 9 render