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The No-Hack Campaign
« on: July 31, 2011, 10:05:14 PM »
While I suppose I have many favorite characters, the characters that I remember most and enjoyed developing are the ones I've taken through a series of modules.  I did that a while back playing through some modules in the Realms, and, more recently, I took a party of characters through 4 non-hacked modules.  With no hacks, I could transfer from one game to another with no incompatibilities.  I tried hard to pick modules that would make sense from a game balance perspective, both for starting level and magic acquired.  Don't know that I was completely successful at that, but it worked.  The modules I played through were:
Caves of Chaos
Outpost (Borderland Invasion)
Moria (Dwarves Of)
Magic of the Savage Frontier
I have posted reviews of these in the review section.  All four are basically dungeon crawls, which I usually enjoy if its done well.  As a whole, it was quite enjoyable.  A couple of times, at the beginning of a module, I dropped some or all of my magic items to 'start fresh'.  It just seemed that each module loaded you up w/major items and you were overpowered for the beginning portion of the next module.
My party was:
Ravelond - Human Ranger
Thorek Greyhelm - Dwarf Fighter/Thief
Drezlor - Human Ranger / MU (dual class after level 10)
Lynessa - Human Cleric
Jennika - Human Fighter / MU (dual class immediately)
Cendalas - Half-Elf Cleric / MU
Later, I replaced Cendalas when level limits made her obsolete.  Replaced with:
Sunaryl - Human Cleric / MU (dual Class after level 10)
Probably the favorite moment for this group was the very first battle, when I had lame ACs, and of course was 1st level.  I was 2 steps outside of town.  It was a group of bandits and my Cleric/MU went down before I could blink. AH! no sleep spell now.  There were lots of bandits, 2 of which shot arrows, and a pretty tough leader.  I somehow managed to win the fight.  I think every character that was conscious had 4 or less HPs remaining.  No spells left either.  Back to town already!
Four modules and a boatload of combats and treasures later, my guys were around 15th level and really powerful (routinely dropping +3 items).  I think they pretty well rid their world of orcs, trolls, and enemy fighters and spell casters. A few dragons, too.  About time to retire.
That can mean only one thing... On to the next campaign with new characters!  I've been eyeing the far west series for a long time.  Time to dive in.  If anyone has any other ideas about which modules can be put together into a long series, I'd like to hear.