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STICKY: The Ultimate DC Designs List
« on: October 24, 2010, 01:58:24 PM »
To discuss the layout, features, possible errors etc. of this sticky, make suggestions to improve it, offer module descriptions or ask questions about DC designs, please post in this thread. Thank you!  :)

The Ultimate DC Designs List

The Last Days of Autumn
Author:Harri Polsa
File Size:5.0 mb archived / 6.6 mb unzipped
Description:     On one of her first IR missions, agent Vanderholle is needed to find a missing person.

Author:Harri Polsa
File Size:26.6 mb archived / 32.7 mb unzipped
Description:     Continues from G.P.C.P.: Millar Jade Vanderholle was visited by the IRISA agent who worked with her in the GPCP-case. She had some news about an incident which required some further investigation. Millar Jade goes undercover, to find out more about the secrets behind these projects.

Border of Darkness
Author:Rami Sihvo
File Size:2.5 mb archived / 4.7 mb unzipped
Description:     A group of warriors tries to infiltrate the enemy fortress.

Thieves' Run
Author:Dan Autery, adapted to DC by manikus
File Size:1.4 mb archived / 2.9 mb unzipped
Description:     While designed as a tutorial on trap making, this short design is worth playing as an adventure in it's own right. This "mini-adventure" as Autery calls it, is an enjoyable dungeon romp.

In the Service of Aldorf
Author:Rami Sihvo
File Size:64 mb archived / 81 mb unzipped
Description:     ...

The Chalice of Unlife
Author:Funky Dynamite
File Size:20 mb archived / 56.6 mb unzipped
Description:     ...

The Mystery of Filos
File Size:4.8 mb archived / 7.1 mb unzipped
Description:     The party's regular jobs are caravan escorts. They find a job to travel to the nearby village of Filos. After their arrival, however, they are driven through a series of quests that reveal there is more to Filos than meets the eye, including the true nature of its humble origins...

The Lesson
Author:Olivier Leroux
File Size:17.6 mb archived / 20.9 mb unzipped
Description:     "In The Lesson, the party follows a criminal into a small mansion. The combination of an enthralling background story, well-chosen wall art (partly imported from Eye of the Beholder), great sound-effects from various sources, and well-positioned text events generates a very strong, convincing atmosphere." (Dinonykos) (The Lesson is a contribution to the Dungeon Craft House/Manor/Castle contest 2009.)
Download:the_lesson.rar (slightly outdated version)

The Academy DEMO
File Size:15.2 mb archived / 18.5 mb unzipped
Description:     (a contribution to the Dungeon Craft House/Manor/Castle contest 2009)

Friedrich's Quest (Silver Edition)
File Size:13.8 mb archived / 18.2 mb unzipped
Description:     Friedrich's Quest (FQ) is a contribution to the Dungeon Craft House/Manor/Castle contest 2009. The adventure is a small prequel to Friedrich's Revenge and Helmetlands and features several characters which will also occur therein.
Friedrich's Quest is a short adventure, featuring only one main character. Nevertheless, you may need several hours to play through the game and finally meet the evil Lord Carl! (on Dinonykos' DC page)

Friedrich's Revenge (Bronze Edition)
File Size:17.1 mb archived / 23.6 mb unzipped
Description:     Friedrich's Revenge (FR) is a the sequel to Friedrich's Quest and a second prequel to Helmetlands. FR features a party of 4 characters instead of only one, a more user-friendly event-based combat system and "wandering" monsters and NPCs. Furthermore, FR is bigger than FQ, including a huge forest level. Playing FR, you will learn a lot about the MSG unit 57, about insectoids, and about an ominous religious cult. (on Dinonykos' DC page)

The House
File Size:25.4 mb archived / 28 mb unzipped
Description:     Your party accidentally discovers the dark past of some noble family and struggles for survival in a hostile place.

An Unexpected Encounter
Author:Rudy C. Granados
File Size:28.8 mb archived / 48.8 mb unzipped
Description:     ...  Currently Down!

Helmetlands: Praeludium
File Size:13.5 mb archived / 16.3 mb unzipped
Description:     The heroes of Helmetlands are by no means friends. A soldier, a scientist, a former eremite, a mutant, and a thief will be forced to join forces in a most complex mission. In Helmetlands: Praeludium, the player must try to form a team out of these different characters within three days by making them talk to each other about their darkest fears and secrets, and by forcing them to survive challenges in the virtual reality simulation room. Furthermore, it is possible to gather more information about the dangerous tasks which the heroes will be facing in the near future. (on Dinonykos' DC page)

Helmetlands: Cold Trail
File Size:18.4 mb archived / 24 mb unzipped
Description:     Helmetlands: Cold Trail is a short side adventure linked to Helmetlands: The Helmet Menace, and a contribution to the FRUA Forum Winter Contest 2011. The main character of the game is Gordon Nebelsick, who searches for a rare element in a cold, winterly mountain area and is forced to deal with furry snow beasts and even more dangerous creatures. The worst enemies, though, are probably the unhospital conditions in the mountains, ranging from snowy plateaus to hot magma caverns... (on Dinonykos' DC page)
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Re: The Ultimate DC Designs List
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Haptooth Tower
File Size:6.5 mb archived / 9.8 mb unzipped
Description:     It has been 10 years since Dracandros died in his tower. Now a mage has gone missing, and strange lights have been seen flashing inside. Will you investigate?

March of the Machines
File Size:8.7 mb archived / 10.7 mb unzipped
Description:     A simple winter design with a Planescape theme made for a contest.

Towers of Magic
Author:Milos Gulan
File Size:10.9 mb archived / 16.9 mb unzipped
Description:     Here is first completed module for DC V.1.0. It is small vanilla module that will test your adventuring skills and i am hoping it will be fun. It is not perfect, and i am hoping to hear what you can tell me to make it better. There are 4 premade characters, and if you want a fast start just load saved game A, or create your own party and try your luck. Made for 1st Level characters.
Download:Towers of Magic V1.2b DC 1.0105.dsn.rar (on

The Village of Hommlet
Author:Nol Drek
File Size:14.2 mb archived / 18.7 mb unzipped
Description:     The Village of Hommlet has grown up around a crossroads in a woodland. Once far from any important activity, it became embroiled in the struggle between gods and demons when the Temple of Elemental Evil arose but a few leagues away. Luckily for its inhabitants, the Temple and its evil hordes were destroyed a decade ago, but Hommlet still suffers from incursions of bandits and strange monsters.

The Dude In: Hotel California
Author:Nol Drek
File Size:68.5 mb archived /  78.7 mb unzipped
Description:     "A way out west there was a fella, fella I want to tell you about, fella by the name of Jeff Lebowski. At least, that was the handle his lovin' parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. This Lebowski, he called himself the Dude." This prequel to The Big Lebowski attempts to explain why the Dude hates the Eagles.

The Fiend's Ritual: It's not over yet!
File Size:37.8 mb archived /  43.6 mb unzipped
Description:     Two police officers from a small city in the centre of Europe become involved in a criminal case of mythic dimensions. What seemed to be a politically motivated assault on a local politician in the beginning turns out to be a fantastic challenge and a quest that may decide the fate of the world as we know it! Guide the two officers through the adventure of their life. Collect hints, arrest suspects, and explore a forest, a cave system and hidden ruins! Solve riddles, find secret passages, and avoid deadly traps! Fight superhuman opponents, rescue captured beauties, and defeat one of the most deadly villains in the history of mystic crime!

If you're not satisfied with this choice yet, get inspired and create your own DC designs!
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