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Adventure Paths
« on: January 06, 2014, 01:51:12 PM »
I hope this is a good place for this thread. I wanted to keep track of my previous adventures and to maybe calculate what could be my next most interesting adventure paths. For now here is sorted list of adventures to choose from also for more info here is FRUA Hall of Fame

And adventures till now:

1. Dragard's Blades => FRUA GH Lv1-p The Keep on the Borderlands (2/3 finished) => FRUA RL Lv5-7 I6 Ravenloft (Last fight not done) => FRUA DD Lv5 Curse of the Fire Dragon (Completed)
2. Stone and Fire => FRUA FR Lv2 Adventure AT1 - Dark Alliances (Completed) => FRUA DD Lv3 RA3 Touch of Death (Completed) => FRUA RL Lv5-6 Strahds Need (Completed) => FRUA DD Lv5-7 The Retracting Ice (Completed) => FRUA FR Lv5-7 Adventures In Tethyr (Completed)
3. Violet Dawn => FROA FR Lv1-2 The Tale of Twin Dragons 1 (Completed) => FROA FR Lv2-3 The Tale of Twin Dragons 2 (Completed)
4. Star Travellers => FRUA PS Lv2-4 Missions (Completed) => FRUA PS Lv5-7 Dead Gods (Completed)
5. Iron Wheels => FRUA FR Lv1-40 Neverwinter Nights (Started)
6. Discipline of Nature => FRUA DD Lv4-10 JG1 Cavern's of Thracia (Completed) => FRUA DD Lv5-7 JG2 Tegel Manor (Completed) => FRUA DD Lv8-11 Judges Guild 3 Dark Tower (Completed) => JG4 Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor (Completed)
7. Owls Eyes => FRUA DD Lv1-3 The Bell and The Staff (Completed)

Now lets see what can be played more :)
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