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A neural network learns to create better D&D spells

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Nol Drek:
Like the subject says: A neural network learns to create better D&D spells

Null Null:
Here's the list. Reminds me of my own experiences with Markov chains (which are a less sophisticated way of doing the same thing) and the Goldbox text.

Mister of Light
Storm of the gifling
Song of goom
Forceful Boor
Chorus of the dave
Maine storm
Frames of Death
Song of the doom goom
Death’s Death’s Proud Bear
Wall of Distraction
Date wards
Plant of Peace
Shield of Farts
Song of the darn
Ward of Snade the Pood Beast
Ice shop
Primal Rear
Summon Storm Bear
Divine Boom
Soul of the bill
Charm of the dave
Spirit of the Spirit
Fire shop
Song of blord
Song of distraction
Forceful Force
Spirit Boating
Song of the ball
Hail to the Dave
Crusading Disk
Summon ass
Call to the Daring
Treeking of Star
Grasping Light
Clinging blade
Primal Prayer Bear
War Cape
Find Strike
Song of the Unworthy
Gate Sail
Icon of Thorns
Song of the door
Star warper
Stone of Death
Chilled arrow
Storm of the dave
Fark Mate
Charm of the cods
Death of the Sun
Greater flick
Curse Clam
Claming Blow
Cursing wink
Conjure Mare
Conjure Bark
Darkworm Colt
Daving fire
Healing of Bat
Mordenkainen’s lucubrabibiboricic angion

LOL!!!   :laughing4:

Null Null:
Song of Goom is obviously a version of the Confusion spell that is auditory and drives people melancholic rather than random.

Forceful Boor summons a random humanoid. In FRUA you'd make a Forceful Boor monster and have it be the summoned monster.

Maine Storm is a higher-level Ice Storm that does 6-60 points of damage.

The Wall of Distraction can't be done in FRUA but causes enemies to be distracted along the wall.

Date wards could be precast guard spells in dates (the plants) that are activated when eaten. Alternatively it's a common spell used by magic-users when they go out on romantic evenings that casts a detect lie spell, provides immunity to ingested drugs, and does Fire Shield-like damage to the initiator of nonconsensual touch. (You could actually do this in FRUA as Fire Shield Zap and converting hot or cold to immunity to poison/para, but I don't think anyone really wants to use these themes in their mod. I could see mature DMs covering it as it is almost certain real-life magic would be (mis) used in such a fashion!)

The Plant of Peace turns hostile creatures around it friendly. You could probably implement this in FRUA as a charm spell.

Shield of Farts creates a 10-inch sphere of foul smelling gas around the caster that provides combat penalties. In FRUA? Ghast Stench. (You could toss in Vulnerable to Fire to reflect the combustibility of methane.)

Ward of Snade the Pood Beast naturally summons Snade the Pood Beast when the caster is attacked. Up to you who and what it is, of course, but I think it's a snarking, vaguely mammalian monster that issues sarcastic remarks as it attacks the caster's enemy.

Ice Shop protects a shop with a wall of ice, keeping all items frozen in and untouchable until the caster returns.

Primal Rear transforms the target's backside into a snarling monster that tries to bite other allies. In FRUA this would be a Sticks to Snakes-like effect with the messages changed. ('Is attacked by snakes' becomes 'backside is snarling', 'kills a snake' becomes 'butt calms down', and 'smashes them flat' becomes 'sits on it fast'.)

Summon Storm Bear summons a bear with electrical abilities, likely including Immune to Electricity, shocking grasp and lightning bolt spells, and Elec Growth and Dragon Lightning if you want to make it powerful.

Divine Boom--area of effect damage spell, plus stunning from the sonic boom. (You probably could actually do something like this in FRUA as I've hacked the Burning Hands spell to paralyze on a failed save.)

Fire Shop sets fire to a shop, and is used by unscrupulous merchants to target their rivals.

Song of distraction is similar to Wall of Distraction, but must be continually done by the caster who must maintain concentration. (Can't do this in FRUA.)

Spirit Boating summons a ghostly boat to take the party somewhere.

Crusading Disk summons a Tenser's Floating Disc that is animate, has a sharp edge, and attacks the caster's enemies. (Can't do this in FRUA.)

Summon Ass, of course, summons a donkey. If you want to be juvenile, it summons a disembodied butt that emits Stinking Clouds as farts and shoots poop, which is sticky, foul-smelling, and causes disease.

Call to the Daring summons any surrounding monster with a Morale which is better than normal. They must obey a few brief commands. (I've never heard of a way to condition on the morale variable in FRUA but if anybody wants to try...)

Grasping Light is similar to a light spell, but allows the light to move around and hold fast enemies. (Can't do this in FRUA.)

Clinging Blade, when cast on a sword, causes the sword to stick to the next target and be unable to be removed without a Strength check. (Can't do this in FRUA, unless someone can reactivate the Baaz ability.)

The War Cape gives a bonus to attack and damage.

Song of the Unworthy gives bonuses to weaker characters. (You could probably implement this in FRUA by turning Sleep or Sticks to Snakes into a buff.)

Icon of Thorns is a guard spell that, when cast on a religious icon, causes it to sprout thorns and prick anyone trying to steal it. (Can't do this in FRUA.)

The Stone of Death, when cast on a rock, causes it to do a death effect on the next person to touch it.

Chilled Arrow is Flaming Arrow, but ice instead of fire. You could actually do this in FRUA if you could hack the 2d6 fire damage to be cold damage instead.

Fark Mate is, well, obvious. I would actually imagine wizards would do a lot in this department. Naturally older wizards with problems in this regard would use it to spice up their romantic lives.

Charm of the Cods is a Snake Charm for fish. (And thus implementable in FRUA!)

Death of the Sun causes an apparent eclipse over the area.  (Can't do this in FRUA.)

Greater Flick is a 9th-level spell that produces a Hollywood blockbuster or cinematic masterpiece, depending on the character's intentions.

Conjure Mare summons a female horse.

The Darkworm Colt is an apparent horse that, when one attempts to ride it, dissolves into a number of darkworms which attack the rider. (Can't do this in FRUA.) Alternatively it is a Lovecraftian weapon that shoots evil darkworms.

Healing of Bat is a healing spell that works on bats. Of dubious utility.

Ingenious, Null Null!  Bravo!   :thumbsup:


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