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One-Week Challenge - Part 2

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Several months have passed since the last One Week Challenge. I thought I'd throw out a message to see if anyone is interested in participating in another one. 

Feedback during the last one leads me to believe that people might want more prep time (two months versus just one).  So, I'm thinking two months prep and one week to throw the module together.

No interest?  Perhaps if we waited a few more months?

I'm interested... It's just that I leapt into it last time, and didn't deliver... So I wasn't going to post until I was confident that I had the time and some kind of decent enough scenario seed... Which I don't have at the moment.

(I've only got brainstormed notes; no real adventure plot. I'm experimenting with DC this time; trying to see what's possible.) 

I'm also kicking around some ideas to see if any of them would make a workable scenario --that is, the basic bones of a story that would be worthy of telling (one that I could get excited about), while also something small enough to be completable in the time frame. 

Maybe encouraging everybody to just think about it for a few days before deciding might prime the pumps a little...

I imagine it will be a few days before we get enough people responding anyway.  If people are interested, there would likely be a two-month period for prep work before the One-Week Challenge would officially begin.  I think there will be lots of time if people do show an interest.


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