Author Topic: REVIEW: Bridge over Troubled Water (by Dorateen)  (Read 57 times)

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REVIEW: Bridge over Troubled Water (by Dorateen)
« on: March 16, 2017, 09:32:48 PM »
Another entry into the One-Week Challenge (, Bridge over Troubled Water is a mini-mod in the classic sense in that it revolves around one, single dungeon area (tho combined from 5 smaller overlapping dungeon bit pieces, along with an introduction).  That area is the titular bridge, along with the two shorelines it joins. 

Although only a small area, background information paints a much larger world, which is the Hearkenwold campaign setting created by Dorateen in previous UA releases as well as for the IceBlink Engine.

Dorateen has greatly improved as a UA author, in my estimation.  This mod is bugless.  The multiple storylines are unusual, interesting and handled well.  The art is nice and clean, if eclectic in style. 

And the interactivity is particularly adroit. 

The sign of a well-done mini-mod is that it leaves one wanting more.  Bridge over Troubled Water certainly achieves that affect.  Its story is one I wished I could further pursue, and its setting and politics one I wished I could further explore. 

Well done, Dorateen   ;D     

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Re: REVIEW: Bridge over Troubled Water (by Dorateen)
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2017, 05:00:41 PM »
Thank you for the review and encouragement, hans. I am relieved to hear you did not run into any bugs. That is the one thing I am anxious about when uploading a new design. No matter how many times an author runs through their work, there is no telling what might happen once it gets into the hands of other players!

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Re: REVIEW: Bridge over Troubled Water (by Dorateen)
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2017, 09:11:07 PM »
Excellent module!

The combats were fairly challenging, and some could have turned ugly if I weren't lucky with the Hold and Silence spells always working. The mobile handbags were especially nasty.

I was a bit worried when getting a Girdle after the first fight, but after that the loot was more balanced, giving out specific loot instead of the gear used by the enemies.

I didn't notice any bugs or spelling errors, which is always a plys.

There obviously is a good deal of background story, but fortunately we are spared dumps of "Deep Lore", which seems to be all the rage amongst the professional CRPG designers these days, and instead we are told what we need to know. Which is a superior approach IMO, since it leaves the player wanting more, instead of feeling force fed.

As hans noted Dorateen has improved since his first version of Hearkenwold.