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Oversized big pics
« on: April 22, 2017, 09:11:34 AM »
Reading about animations, I saw that it is possible to define a "pic" to make it bigger than 88x88, and to place it in position so that it looks like a big pic, or perhaps even covers the whole screen.

So I thought I would try out a big pic that would take up (virtually) the entire screen, to see if it could be done. Well, I created an image, added it to a Text Statement event, and discovered that it could be done (the image is just a placeholder for testing). But, as the screenshot below shows, there is a bit of a display problem because it seems that the character names, HP and AC are drawn after (ie, on top of) pictures. Also, in order to get the pic to show up for more than a second, it was necessary to write some text into the Text Statement event (I tried just a single space) and that was displayed over the image as well.

In Brian O'Donnell's discussion of animations in UANL 33 he said:

You can't animate bigpics, but you can do something which is almost as good.  CKIT really doesn't care what the actual size of a smallpic is, so you can use 304*120!  To get this at the proper place for bigpics on the screen you have to use X and Y displacements of 16 for each frame.  In Uanimo you can edit X and Y at the same time as Palette Start, and in your Tlbmake TLB.INF change each line of the form
  1 : height= 88 vertical=   0 horizontal=   0 width/4= 22 transparent=no
  1 : height=120 vertical=  16 horizontal=  16 width/4= 76 transparent=no

This suggests that it is possible to make animated pics that look much like bigpics (at least size-wise). That would seem to imply that there is some way of avoiding the character name display.

So ... I'm wondering whether there is anyone who may have had more luck than me with this idea?

In case it assists, I have attached the files I am using.
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