Author Topic: REVIEW: The Crumpton Uprising (by Jadefang)  (Read 79 times)

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REVIEW: The Crumpton Uprising (by Jadefang)
« on: March 02, 2017, 04:40:59 PM »
One of the 2017 One Week Challenge designs, and to my knowledge Jadefang's first design for FRUA.

The party is hired by the lord of Crumpton to deal with a worker rebellion.

The best part of the design is that you can choose to follow the Good path or the Evil path. It turns out the Good path is the swift and painless one, and I assume the "canon" path. The evil path is slower and longer and I didn't quite finish it due to one of my pet FRUA peeves: traps you can't defend against (unless if maybe (I haven't checked) you walk around with permanent Search on and spend weeks in the forest maze). Most of my party was wiped out including my Paladin and Cleric, so no use hitting the Fix button (aka the Anti Trap button), so I quit the evil path there.

Overall a nice design, with no spelling errors and no bugs or technical problems that I could detect.
Combat was well balanced, as far as I played the evil path. The good path is maybe too swift and easy.
Very little XP to be gained, and no magical items.

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Re: REVIEW: The Crumpton Uprising (by Jadefang)
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2017, 12:38:28 AM »
When I read that the Average Playtime for "The Crumpton Uprising" by Jadefang was 10-30 minutes, I expected it to be a brief mini-mod.  Nothing wrong with that, especially seeing as how the mod was produced as part of the One-Week Challenge (, and this was also the author's first UA design.  I was quite surprised, then, to discover that a player is allowed a choice which vastly changes how the adventure plays out.  Two paths for the price of one!  And I enjoyed playing them both. 

Bringing modern social and moral sensibilities to a (fantasy) medieval milieu has been a much discussed and interesting topic on many a d&d forum.  And one of the options in Jadefang's design allows a player to apply these very values within the game.  Nice.   :)

Yet pleasing me even further is that a player is not penalized for not choosing that path.  That is, some game characters (which we were then brought into conflict with) may have derided my party, but we were not hit by lightning or otherwise harshly judged by the author, either directly or indirectly.  Rather, the less enlightened choice was treated as a legitimate one, allowing for its own fully rewarding gaming experience.  Very nice.    :) :) 

Further thoughts:

Having "Search" on in the forest is a pretty good idea.

The fights were fairly well-balanced for the suggested party level. 

I found no bugs and only noticed one spelling error. 

Well done, Jadefang   ;D