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REVIEW: The Voice of Vengeance (by ProphetSword)
« on: February 18, 2017, 11:55:00 AM »
The module was the first to be released as part of a seven day challenge. Given the time constraints and limitation on the builder, I would rather just leave the impressions I had from playing this adventure.

The party starts out with enough experience for 3rd level, and funds to get some decent equipment. The characters I rolled with were:

Human Paladin
Dwarf Fighter
Human Cleric
Elf Fighter/Magic-User
Halfling Thief
Human Magic-User

I found the narrative style has some of that Savage Frontier flavor. By this, I mean that it is written from the party's perspective, using pronouns such as "We, I, and Our", when describing events. I thoroughly enjoyed exploration of the sewers, and all the little details... pleasant and not so pleasant! The not pleasant of course refers to the sewage we had to wade through, and nasty critters we encountered. The level itself is well designed and sizeable that we left and came back a few times to level up and identify items.

After finishing the Voice of Vengeance, I would describe it as a very good dungeon crawl, with multiple distinct locations. I had fun tracking down the source of the evil and uncovering its identity.

Our party's Halfling thief set off a couple of trap events! I think the best fight was in the orc area, due to the number and positioning of enemy forces.

Also worth mention are the author's excellent use of art work, including combat icons and wall sets. The high walls of the tower dugeon was something I had never seen before.

Thanks for making this module as part of the challenge.
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Re: REVIEW: The Voice of Vengeance (by ProphetSword)
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2017, 10:55:02 AM »
This was a nice module in the classic Gold Box style, reminding me of parts of Curse of the Azure Bonds.

There was lots of new artwork that I hadn't seen before, and the cave and big tower wall sets were very effective.

The sewers were a joy to explore, with lots of interesting encounters, but the caves and towers seemed more rushed, and combats became rather too easy. In fact the module was much easier than the previous Ben Sanderfer modules I've played.

I like the new monster types, especially the Rat Men and the Othyug family.
The Giant Rats were said to be large as horses, but still only had 3 HP and were sweepable. But maybe there is an unreliable narrator? The third person plural was a nice touch.

The only bad thing about this module is that I was not allowed to save after the final battle.

EDIT: I edited the module so that I could train, rest and save my characters, and they ended up with about 12-13,000 XP each.
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Re: REVIEW: The Voice of Vengeance (by ProphetSword)
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2017, 09:04:01 PM »
I blame the ending on my terrible sickness that just happened to hit the day after I started the project. I had bigger ambitions, but reached a "let's get this over with" phase due to how awful I felt. I will take the feedback of these two reviews and apply them to my next short module.

More Information Here:

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Re: REVIEW: The Voice of Vengeance (by ProphetSword)
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2017, 03:59:54 PM »
Given the proscribed limitations of the One-Week Challenge by which this mod was produced (, it stands as a very impressive achievement.  It is fun, the story is interesting, the art is beautiful, and there is a lot to explore.  Moreover, it displays the bugless, well-crafted adroitness of a master designer.

The new Pics and BigPics found in this, The Voice of Vengeance, are of a uniformly very high standard.  Even among such quality, one, the BigPic entitled "Healer" is a glorious standout, that I would judge as one of the finest I have ever seen.  I don't know if author Ben converted all of these himself (I don't recall seeing any of them before), but even if they were only collected from existing art in our libraries, they demonstrate a canny eye for art that is both striking and effective in the desired dramatic context. 

The tall RockA replacement wall set was also quite stunning!   

The new music was cool, as well. 

I liked the way the story background was presented at the beginning of the mod.  For a moment I thought, oh, this mod is going to be about accomplishing this quest against these monsters, only to learn that such an adventure was already a past event.  It felt rather like the classic cups and ball trick, where the ball turned out not at all to be where I first guessed.  I was delighted to have my expectations thus tweaked. 

I was also impressed by a point of logic expressed by the mayor when giving our party the true mod quest.  A minor bit that demonstrates a great thoughtfulness working in the author.  The types of intelligent monsters encountered were also given sound points-of-view that elevated them from clichéd "evil" opponents to ones with more understandable, sometimes even sympathetic, motivations.   

The environs were plausibly laid-out and detailed, coupled with effectual descriptions. 

There was not left much to criticize, but these three things: 

1.  It was too easy (an admittedly subjective judgment, as I know there are those players who prefer an easier time of things).  Yet not only did I find the fights too easy, but in those places where my party set off traps and suffered damage, we could immediately rest and fix, relegating those traps to little or no inconvenience to us. 

2.  No chance to save after the finale.  While a minor thing to my mind, such endings have caused many reviewers in the past to object and subtract points.

3.  A supernatural NPC who we allowed to join our party seemed to have no supernatural SpecAbs.  Addtionally, her character was given no closure in the finale.   

Nevertheless, overall this is a very fine mod, made all the more extraordinary when considering the conditions of its production. 

Amazing work, Ben!