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REVIEW: The Fountain of Lamneth (by philnoc)
« on: January 30, 2017, 05:59:27 PM »
A module based on the early Rush albums Fly By Night (By-Tor and the Snow Dog), Caress of Steel (The Necromancer and The Fountain of Lamneth) and 2112 (The Temples of Syrinx).

You are sent by an old wizard to find the Fountain and bring back a vial of its waters. On your journey you travel to the Bacchus Plateau and meet Panacea who joins the party, meet the Priests of Syrinx, travel to By-Tor's castle and help or hinder him against the Snow Dog, visit the Necromancer's Castle and free three adventurers who went before you, and finally fight the Didacts and Narpets that guard the Fountain.
The story is rather disjointed, which is not surprising, but the individual encounters are generally fun.

There's some artwork I haven't seen before.

Combat encounters are quite good in the beginning, but are generally too easy for most of the game, even when I imported some underleveled (compared to new characters) characters with only a few magical items.
Magic shops unbalance the module with powerful items at ridicilous prices.
Some areas had too frequent easy random encounters. Give me a few hard scripted battles instead.

Recommended if you are a Rush fan like me, or if you like modules with a weird, disjointed story.

My party started with about 20,000 XP and ended up with about 220,000 XP.
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