Author Topic: Link to download latest UATools revision from, or can someone please e-mail me?  (Read 659 times)

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[Re-post from a message that I originally sent on the FRUA Yahoo Groups mailing list a few days ago, before I became aware of this new website.]

Hello there!

I am a long-time Unlimited Adventures fan, but sadly, due to heavy work commitments and extreme long hours at the office since 2007 or thereabouts, unfortunately, I largely lost touch with the online UA community.  I only very recently got back involved with UA as a hobby (I am running a retro PC that is fully DOS-based UA compatible based on the original FRUA program, rather than Dungeon Craft).  I have UAShell revisions 9.00 – 9.20, but for the life of me lol, I cannot seem to find anywhere to be able to download a copy of the older FRUA hacking program UATools, for historical purposes.  Does anyone know of anywhere this program can still be downloaded from -– if so could you also please provide a link? -– or even better, does anyone have a .ZIP file copy of UATools that they could kindly please e-mail me directly, at  :)

Also, forgive me as I don’t mean to ask a dumb question or anything lol, but what are the latest community developments, regarding UA?  The last time I was active in the community, Dungeon Craft was a big thing that was popular and this mailing list I think was still in use, but I never had an opportunity to find out what happened later in the UA community, and/or any other major new developments?


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bump please?  Does anyone still have a copy of UATools that they could provide please, again since it is not available on the Rosedragon site or anywhere else online anymore in terms of active websites, AFAIK?  I had a copy of it many years ago when UATools was still available on the former giga site, but lost it when I had to reimage/reformat my classic gaming PC  :(

For example, do any of the original UA community fans going back to the mid- to late-90s or early 2000s have a spare copy of UATools, and/or the original author who created it?

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It's a bit quiet here this weekend (probably because it's the middle of Summer).  I'm sure someone can give you the info that you need.

In the meantime, you may want UAShell instead of UATools.  From this FAQ thread:

Hans said:
All references to UAtools are extremely dated.  UAShell replaced UAtools a long time ago.  UAShell and, for many art hacks, drop-in .tlbs created by Dan Autery's TOOLBOX program are now the way we do it.
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More Information Here:

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Hey, Galahad!

I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner; this weekend was crazy with my older daughter turning 6 and my younger still at 5 weeks...not much sleep but a LOT to do...

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of UATools anymore, either.  I was pretty shocked to realize that, because most of the work I did hacking FRUA originally was done with UATools.  I found the UA sites at Berkeley and CalTech long before I found the message list, and so I was left to my own devices with all the great tools.  UATools I recognized and started working with right away.  UAShell, I misread originally as uas-HELL, which I figured couldn't be a good thing, and so I avoided it for a long time...

Anyway, digression aside, Ben's right that UAShell is an awesome tool that includes most of the editors you need to make awesome FRUA designs.  It's also much more user-friendly than UATools. 

On the other hand, UATools was an important part of the early history of our hobby.  I was floored when I went to Rosedragon and couldn't find it anywhere...Hopefully, someone out there still has a copy and we can get it uploaded!

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Hi Ray, no worries at all, thank you for writing & many thanks for the excellent info and background info, and again thanks also to ProphetSword as well!  Also wishing a happy belated birthday to your daughter  :) 

I agree 100% that UAShell is an amazing tool and utility, no question at all there, and has been the primary tool that I have used for many years now  :)  The main reason I was still interested in trying to obtain a copy of UATools was for maximum flexibility and to be able to use both or either tool interchangeably, if needed.  If anyone does happen to still have a copy, would love to hear from you whenever you have a chance to review this thread and whenever most convenient for you  :)

Thanks again to all & hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far!