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Oh, that one was easy. I used a character editor program (I think it was CHAREDIT, you can find it on Rosedragon) to give the character every first, second, and third level spell exceptfor Fireball.

It was a way to poke fun at a character I reused from Library of Segrob, and also go with the theme of 'characters who can't do what you expect'--the fighter without exceptional STR, for example. It actually winds up being advantageous when you finally find a training hall, but I was trying to 'think out of the box' and it wound up being really annoying.

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Hmm...your party is supposed to start with no equipment at all, right? So I ditched all possessions from the party I imported, beat up the Trump supporters goblinoid horde and got some mundane weapons, and then the second encounter is friggin' Wights, who can't be hurt by mundane weapons? Luckily my Cleric was able to turn them, though.

EDIT: just noticed there were more than one page in this thread, and I missed the thing about pregens being required, so I will quit playing this module (default version) for the time being, and give it another try with the pregens another time.
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