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STICKY: Converting DC .914 to DC 1.0
« on: October 22, 2013, 06:11:50 PM »
In this thread, I will list the steps for converting a .914 design to version 1.0.

Part I Folder Structure

Please make a back-up of your work before converting - once it's saved in a later edition editor, you can't go back...
1)   Open game design (folder that ends with .dsn)
2)   Create folder called 'Data'
3)   Create folder called 'Resources'
4)   Rename folder 'Save' to 'Saves'
5)   Right-click in a blank area of your folder, choose 'Arrange Icons By' -> 'Type'
6)   Select all files ending in .avi, .bmp, .jpg, .mid, .mp3, .pcx, .png, .tga, and .wav and drag to 'Resources' folder
7)   Select all files ending in .dat, .lvl, .txt, and Bass.dll and drag to 'Data' folder (you may wish to store .txt files in this folder as well)
8)   Delete any extra files such as shortcuts
9)   Copy UAFWin.exe into folder (it is found in the "editor" folder)

Attached is a .bat file that you can drop in your older design folder and double click to move all of the files for you.

You need to add AI_Script.BLK to the Data folder (attached)
If you have not modified your config.txt (in Data folder) replace with the one attached. If you have changed it, use the attached file to add-in the new keywords (you will need to compare the two files on your own).
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Re: STICKY: Converting DC .914 to DC 1.0
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2013, 06:12:44 PM »
Part II Design Conversion

With the design now in the correct form for the DC editor to understand, you should open the latest version of the editor and from the dialog that appears, choose the folder that contains the design you have converted.
The latest version of the editor can be gotten here, along with the latest engine:

When you open the design for the first time, there will be several dialogs, including questions about converting levels, needing a new baseclass database and perhaps others depending upon your original design. You should answer yes to all of them.

From the link above, you should now download the database package and resources package. Unzip the database package into the Data folder of your design and unzip the resources package into the Resource folder.
The second post in the above linked thread contains individually updated databases. If they have a more recent date than the database package, you should download them and copy them into the Data folder, overwriting the old databases.

To update the databases in the game, select the Editor menu and the Import / Export Databases option. From the dialog that appears, you should first Export any databases that you have made changes to. After doing this as needed, you should select the Import All option.

Save your work.
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