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This list isn't complete, but I'll add to it as I go.  If anyone knows of any websites I missed, please contact me:
(NOTE: We will only list working websites)

UA File Archive:

UA File Archive (Backup)

UA Newsletters:

Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures - Wikipedia:

Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures Wiki:

Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures Community Forum:

Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures Mailing List at Yahoo! Groups:

Lafe Travis's FRUA Page:

Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures Module Builders Image Catalog (corhub):

Ray Dyer's Realm Page:

Regions of the Realm:

John Kochmar's [out of date] FRUA page:

Dragonsfang FRUA Page:

FRUA FAQ (from 1995):

Darius Whiteheart's Unlimited Adventure Domain:

Ego's Abode:

Starrbolt's Unlimited Adventures Design:

The Warlock's Game Page:

Dikawolf's Fantasy Art Site:

Vixenkitty's Lair: (Old and New Versions)

Nol Drek's UA Page

Brian O'Donnell's Untramielled Adventures:

Brian O'Donnell's "More Mad Muck or Other Things I've Programmed"

The Black Altar of Yezukriis! - Steve Gustafson' UA website:

Harri Polsa's old UA website:

D. J. Morton's FRUA page:

Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures - Television Tropes & Idioms:

MobyGames - Unlimited Adventures Entry (with Screenshots):


Dungeon Craft Home:

VDMSound Project:

DOSBox Homepage:

If anyone has any additions or changes they would like to make to this list, please PM one of the Admins.


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