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Very nice. :D

What I have decided to do with duplicate icons is...
the second one that gets posted gets a "2" at the end of the name and put in the Resources folder. ;) The NPC will by default load the one without the "2", but the designer will be able to easily change this.
Hacking UA / Re: Dual-classing in the Krynn series.
« Last post by Ishad Nha on June 19, 2017, 04:11:38 AM »
I like the dual class option, anyone who doesn't can play without it.

Thieves are okay but it's my preference to have only one per party.
This is my typical line-up:
H Knight of Sword
H Paladin
E Cleric/Ranger
E Cleric/Wizard (W)
E Thief/Wizard (R)
H Wizard (W)

H = Human, E = Elf (Silvanesti or Qualinesti)
Thief=>Wizard is one possibility

XP.txt, you don't need to distinguish between gods of the same alignment, they all have the same class features except for special spells, said spells are not covered in this file anyway.
(I could alter XP.txt not the main program.)

Patch the game's memory is something I can look at later, when I am sure my approach will work for class combinations that are not valid double class.
Hacking UA / Re: Dual-classing in the Krynn series.
« Last post by jhirvonen on June 18, 2017, 08:07:34 AM »
If an elf dies, most players just cast the LOAD SAVE spell to fix that. Some hardcore players might even drop the character and create a new one.

If the elves being dead is an issue why not just change the race of a multi-classed elf to human?

The issue of multi-classed mages not getting to high enough levels can be fixed by having a pure mage in the party. To get mage levels over 30 you almost have to have a single-class mage unless you really grind the world map random encounters. Last time I played through the Krynn-trilogy, I got one mage to level 31.

What if a player wants to have a single-/multi-classed thief in the same party / game with the thief xp tables modified?
Planning the party composition is interesting in AD&D-games but not so much if you need to take hacked xp tables into account when selecting classes?

If you really want to go with that xp table modifying you should consider to programmatically patch the game's memory instead of the executable. Same goes for the character modifying. You can have the game running, you wouldn't need to touch the exe and can easily make changes on-the-fly / revert back to the original values.

Also, I don't know if GBC's level-up feature is much used but it uses text config files to get the xp tables so it ignores the changes made to the executable.
Hacking UA / Re: Gold Box Companion - tool for GB games
« Last post by jhirvonen on June 18, 2017, 06:43:38 AM »
The newer versions use a different search method which is needed to get the character inventories, effects, combat map etc. to work.

Send save + info to the email address found in the GBC help file (click the Help-button in GBC main window).
Dungeon Craft - Development / Re: Can Players Change Combat Icons?
« Last post by steve_mcdee on June 18, 2017, 05:36:27 AM »
Who isn't to say whether apples or bananas are greater? It seems fairly subjective. I suspect that bananas may tend to polarise more than apples; I know there are some people who really can't stand bananas.
Hacking UA / Re: Dual-classing in the Krynn series.
« Last post by Ishad Nha on June 18, 2017, 12:44:07 AM »
Idea is to make a double-class arrangement function like dual-class. It might only work for valid multiclass combinations. Alter the level advancement tables so original class won't gain another level until it reaches a zillion xp. While new class gets new levels at half the usual double-class xp, this is the same rate as a dual-classed character.
This will affect all holding the kit concerned, which may not be so great.
This involves UAShell-style manipulation of Dqk.exe...

One approach, example is Mage 12 to Thief:
PC starts as a 12 Mage at 1,000,001 xp.
PC then becomes a level 1 Thief at 0 xp.
PC 'regains' first class when level 13 Thief is reached, 13 Thief is reached at 660,001 xp.
Currently PC is single-class, normal advancement tables still apply at this point.

Normally, level 12 Red Mage is reached at 900,000 xp, while 13 Thief is reached at 660,001 xp. Double class and dual class have totally different xp schemes here.
One solution: advancement tables can be altered so that first class can use the advancement table of the second class. Thus both classes are at 660,001 xp.
Game will be saved and then totally shut down.

In DQK.exe:
Red Mage tables will be altered:

(1) to use the normal Thief table values till level 12 (inclusive).
(2) to make level 13 happen around 16 million xp, so there will be no levelling up in this class in the future. This is done by changing the final zero to a 1. Ditto levels 14 to 18.
Thief tables will be altered:
As a double class PC will be advancing at only half the rate. Thief tables will be altered to require only half the current xp. Ditto, the high level xp constant, 220,000 xp, will be reduced to 110,000 xp.
Simply make 14 Thief happen at 770,001 xp.

In character file (PC Name).qch:
Offset  90 (class) will be changed from 6 (Thief) to 16 (Mage/Thief).
Offset 146 (Level in Former Class) will be changed from 12 to 0.
Offset 170 (Magic-User Level) will be changed from 0 to 12.
Offset 177 (Original Magic-User Level) will be changed from 12 to 0.

Game will then be restarted.

This approach is designed for DQK, where all single class PCs have already reached their constant xp levels, levels where they always need a constant amount of xp to gain the next level. It will need to be adapted to DKK, where this is not the case.
It could be adapted to any 2E AD&D game where dual classing does not already exist.
Hacking UA / Re: Gold Box Companion - tool for GB games
« Last post by JOSHPOE on June 17, 2017, 10:03:26 PM »
How do I get past this error I'm having? It's saying "ERROR: Name for character does not match! (character record at $0)".

The save I have works on the old GBC version but the new one shows the aforementioned error.
What game? If you can send me the save (+ design if FRUA) + some info, I'll take a look.

I have this same issue - v2.32 and v2.21 give me the error, but v2.01 works ok. I thought the issue might be due to an imported or edited character, but I get it even with a single freshly generated character in a new game. I've been using v2.21 for the previous 3 games in the series, and didn't have any problems loading GBC there.

I'd be happy to send you a save as well, but have no idea how to do so. (I just registered here for the first time for the purpose of making this post.)

It may be worth noting that sometimes when I load GBC with v2.01, I get a different error: "Name matches at address $DFxxxxx but race / alignment / hit points does not match." I get this with my actual party (which has had a bit of editing), but generally the problem goes away if I exit the game & restart, or sometimes even just from saving in-game.
The next 5 DC villains have been done already, but it can't hurt to have two icons to choose from.

Gorilla Grodd
Harley Quinn
Killer Croc
Lex Luthor
Poison Ivy
General Discussion / Re: Inspirations: Movies, Music, Websites etc.
« Last post by Milos Gulan on June 16, 2017, 03:04:02 PM »
Thank You. :) just feel much better then if I didn't make it. I was thinking today about it, but anyway it was great.

Another video about lifegards, UK this time
General Discussion / Re: Inspirations: Movies, Music, Websites etc.
« Last post by hans on June 16, 2017, 02:47:17 PM »
I have passed lifeguard course and got my licence :) yay it was not easy lol but it was cool :) ...

Congratulations!   :thumbsup:
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