Author Topic: REVIEW: Game43: Rage of the Rakasta (by Ray Dyer)  (Read 461 times)

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REVIEW: Game43: Rage of the Rakasta (by Ray Dyer)
« on: March 18, 2017, 11:38:29 PM »
Another entry into the One-Week Challenge (, out of an amazing ten! such mods by Ray Dyer, Game43: Rage of the Rakasta, continues the "Thunder Rift" campaign. 

Another conversion of a short P&P adventure, the plot involves a race of cat-people, the titular Rakasta.  Their origins are (implied as) far-Eastern, which allows for a very cool Oriental ambience.  I was delighted to see art borrowed from the OAUA Worldhack, such as some Japanese-style wallsets, backdrops, and combat dungeons used to provide that desired flavor.  A flavor further sweetened by the complementary Japanese tunes.  :D

The new art also includes some terrific Pics and BigPics.  One particular BigPic, entitled "Rakasta 2" is a real stunner!  Wow!

In all, the design was expertly-crafted, and the air of mystery, and exploration elements were pleasantly engaging...   

Warning! Possible Spoilers:

However, after the final big reveal, I wondered why we had been hired at all.  That mystery was left unexplained.

Also, the accompanying text file suggested that the fights would be hard for a low-level party, but I hardly found that to be the case.  They were, rather, quite easy.  One reason might be that there was typically only a single opponent that my party could concentrate their fire upon.  Perhaps another reason is that I imported my party from Game41: Knight of Newts, whom I had, by the end, outfitted with reasonably good armor and weapons.  Perhaps a new startup party would have found the action a bit hairier, although I wouldn't think by much. 

Of course the above two points may be minor faults carried over from the P&P version that Ray converted.

Those quibbles aside, Game43: Rage of the Rakasta is another worthy addition to The Realm   ;D

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Re: REVIEW: Game43: Rage of the Rakasta (by Ray Dyer)
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 06:58:14 PM »

Thanks again, Hans!

I'll use Spoiler color to agree with you...

Yes!  That struck me, hard, while I was working on it, too.  I had gone from being "on the fence" about this module to really loving it, only to get to the end and say exactly what you wrote above.  If it was explained, then I'm too poor of a scholar to determine why in the world this would be the case.  I've tried hard to not change the adventures I convert, but this is the one so far where it took the most willpower to stay true to the source.  I just don't get it, and I couldn't find any hint of an explanation, either.  So, I stuck to the exact wording, like always, and figured the chips would fall where they landed...

All told, I still thought it was a really fun adventure module, even if the resolution seemed like a total non-sequitur, but your exact thoughts stopped me in my tracks.  Like, work-work-work-dead stop.  Then it was just a little more transcription, and...done?

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Re: REVIEW: Game43: Rage of the Rakasta (by Ray Dyer)
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2017, 04:50:10 PM »
 * This review follows the designer's advise to run the Thunder Rift series (along with game07: B10 Assault on Raven's Ruin) in a particular order.

 * Party rolled: Human female Paladin LG, Dwarf male Cleric LN, Halfelf female Ranger CG, Gnome female Magic-User NN, Halfelf male Cleric/Magic-User CG, Halfling male Thief CN -- Ray's Realm allows such racial classing as part of the adventuring package and encourages his Realm players to mix in as many races and classes so as to enjoy the breadth and depth of any given adventure... so's I dids!

 A word about the Thunder Rift modules: these adventures were created in 1992 (when some of us were youngers just starting to explore the game) and were meant to be a sandbox of sorts for DMs and players both new to the game.  They allowed for a lot of modification and were interconnected only by threads, to be filled and fleshed out by the DM running things, adaptable to any of the gameworlds.  As such, there is ample opportunity for Ray to put his Realmstamp upon them, which I am pleased to find to be the case.  I didn't think I would recall as much as I did about the wilderness spread of the adventures, but it didn't affect my play of them in the least.  Ray's done the project a fine service in his importation to the Realm, with custom music and graphics detailing each design individually. On to it, then!

 Our party, dripping-wet but refreshed from our explorations of Castle Kraal (game41), was approached and put in touch with a concerned party, including one of a group of exotic new neighbours - intrigued and with the rogue in our party anxious to test his newly-acquired skills that he'd burnished in our last outing, we immediately offered our assistance...

 Ray hits the ground running here, making exceptional use of the module's story and setting by coupling it with some of Hans' great themed graphics, lifting the material that much higher.  The power of parsed descriptions and other... means he makes use of... add to the dangerous ambience and immediacy.

 Alas for plots for what are we to do but untangle them?  A fine find was found, adding to our futures, and by the surprise culmination we were already fairly certain of the outcome.

 spoiler: upon rescuing a certain personage and defeating her captor... and confronting the force behind the fort's takeover... we learned the reasons behind the attack... only to confront the person who was really pulling the strings... too bad he thought he could send us forth to rid himself of the competition and not return ready for exactly what we found! Our paladin will make good use of that magical katana, as well.

 A terrific example of Ray's Realm-version of a conversion, and with great art to boot.  All of our party managed to make level 2 (and our Thief's 3rd Thief level) mid-adventure by this point... I [R]emoved each pc and copy-pasted them into the save directory of the next adventure, carrying on :D

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Re: REVIEW: Game43: Rage of the Rakasta (by Ray Dyer)
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2017, 06:02:47 AM »
The bamboo walls in this design make it a bit harder to spot doors from the side, so that you can easily overlook some rooms if you don't search carefully, but the story is nice and the encounter design top notch as always. Great fun!