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General Discussion / Re: "My" Beachworks...
« Last post by Milos Gulan on May 29, 2017, 08:52:29 AM »
As long as you limit it to this thread, I don't suppose there's any harm.  Go ahead.

Ok, I am hoping that everything will be good and just info about my works (with pictures) can be seen here. It is 5th year as I am there struggling and next Year I will have to renew contract for it :)
But here You can see what I have on the beach
And Guest House (I have not uploaded any pics yet and those intro are very old, will have to work a bit on that)

Now just for info I will have to try to pass the test for lifeguard soon (9 june) and from then I will be busy on the beach. I was thinking to do DC module about my town and probably my works around here but it seems fanatsy moding is more fun for me but I am hoping that I might do that too, for now I have started it but...

One more link about my country here is from British Embassy, I was in London once and since then I like that place a lot :) which also reminded me that I was at meeting of beach holders in my town last month and probably we will try to make something like an union and there was minister of tourism for Montnegro and director of National beach renting company. Anyway here is the video

I also have a free website that my dad did and there is a link for that too on the FB page. Now this is just my try to make things better and I expect that maybe people here can help with at least good advice and I sure will try to return the favor. 

Name of my beach is Cedars (those are big trees Kerdovi, Serbian) that we have above beach and well my dad suggested to call it like that as he also like to call our bungallowes Hrastovi (Oak trees) by big oak trees around and I have to say it reminds me a bit of Dragonlance Solace but I am still far of making things look like that :) but who know maybe one day. But I also have to say that how things go with this depends all my life and family success and also my work with DC and FRUA so I am hoping that everything will be good and best for all :D

Here is one video in serbian just to see how my place looks like at least that is very close to my place :) It is called Angel of second order, just a country like song

Great tutorial, Manikus!  :hello2:

   8)   The fifth bit of info requires us to look at the wall slots editor (for walls) and the backdrop slots editor (for backdrops). The numbering for both starts at 0 in the upper left corner and counts up from left to right, top to bottom.

Has this not changed? I think that by default, the numbering of the walls now starts with 1 "internally", too, but that you can change it to starting from 0. We had discussions about this earlier, e.g. here:
Hacking UA / Re: Dual-classing in the Krynn series.
« Last post by Ishad Nha on May 29, 2017, 12:56:05 AM »
Paladin to Mage, when the dual classing ended, item use was corrected, but that seems to be all that happened. (This happened when levelling up in the game, it did not happen when levelling up in GBC.) Thac0 and saving throws were those of the second class, and only of the second class. PC regained the Lay ability but it seems to be purely verbal, it does not actually do anything. Did not have Cleric spells, that can be added in though.

Gold Box Companion can easily detect dual-classing:
offset 146, Level in Former Class, will be greater than 0
one of offsets 172:178 will be greater than 0.
Both numbers will be greater than 0 and less than 40, second number will be more like 10 than 40.
Once dual classing ends, GBC can check that the PC is getting the best of both classes in the areas of saving throws and Thac0. Tables for these are known from DQK.exe.
Ditto, GBC can restore any functions of the first class that were lost in dual-classing. This will require alteration of the existing GBC program.

The fact that DQK altered the class item usage shows that it accepts at least one of these two offsets:
146   Level in Former Class
177   Original Magic-User Level
Troubleshooting / Re: Gog FRUA needs the Patch?
« Last post by Ishad Nha on May 28, 2017, 09:58:23 PM »
Offset 569873:   The first of seven 22 byte records giving the THAC0 (coded
 Hex (0x8b211)   as 60 - THAC0) for levels 0-21 for each class.
I removed the 60-T encoding to give the straight Thac0, it is an odd pattern:
          0       1       2       3       4       5       6
        Cleric  Knight  Fighter Paladin Ranger  Mage    Thief
 0       20      21      21      20      20      21      20
 1       20      20      20      20      20      20      20
 2       20      20      20      20      20      20      20
 3       20      18      18      18      18      20      20
 4       18      18      18      18      18      20      20
 5       18      16      16      16      16      20      19
 6       18      16      16      16      16      19      19
 7       16      14      14      14      14      19      19
 8       16      14      14      14      14      19      19
 9       16      12      12      12      12      19      16
10       14      12      12      12      12      19      16
11       14      10      10      10      10      16      16
12       14      10      10      10      10      16      16
13       12       8       8       8       8      16      14
14       12       8       8       8       8      16      14
15       12       6       6       6       6      16      14
16       10       6       6       6       6      13      14
17       10       4       4       4       4      13      12
18       10       4       4       4       4      13      12
19        9       4       4       4       4      13      12
20        9       4       4       4       4      13      12
21        9       4       4       4       4      11      10
Hacking UA / Re: Dark Sun?
« Last post by Dorateen on May 28, 2017, 03:34:09 PM »
In Hearkenwold II, there is an area the characters visit that is very much Dark Sun inspired. I know this thread is more about creating hacks for the mechanics from Dark Sun such as psionics and classes/races. But I found that with the default Adobe and Wasteland wallsets and backdrop, one could make a suitable Dark Sun themed adventure. And as mentioned, there is some good custom artwork for pics and combat icons available.

Would love to see more Dark Sun style designs.

Dungeon Craft - Module Reviews / Re: REVIEW: The case of stolen Masterpiece
« Last post by Dinonykos on May 28, 2017, 07:24:20 AM »
Thank you, I am really happy you like it. It still becomes a little repetitive, thus I followed Steve's advice and only made 5 different scenarios.

I use Anvil Studio, which is a free MIDI software (I think you have to pay something for advanced possibilities).
I normally write songs from scratch, but in this special case, I tried to reflect themes from different Holmes-related TV shows.
For my Helmetlands adventures, my idea is to have a certain song for every main character, but that is not so easy.

I think if you like this adventure, you could also try "The Fiend's Ritual" since it is also a detective story to some degree. It is also quite special concerning the music, since it features one "real" song (not MIDI) and several music pieces were composed together with two friends...
This is awesome! I have been wanting to work with this for a while now. This along with the tutorial you gave us is great!


best example name I've seen in a while

Dungeon Craft - Module Reviews / Re: REVIEW: The case of stolen Masterpiece
« Last post by Uatu on May 28, 2017, 12:41:26 AM »
I played with sound this time!  The music and sounds are great, and really add to the ambiance.  (Did you write those songs?  They are very nice!  If you did, I am curious to know what kind of software you used to encode them, too.)  Incidentally, I did experience combat as well!

Really amazing how each time the culprit is randomly determined - very well set up.
Sometimes, Apocalypse appears to be more than 7 feet tall.
Troubleshooting / Re: Gog FRUA needs the Patch?
« Last post by Ishad Nha on May 27, 2017, 08:48:51 PM »
From 570,324 to 570,328, the bug offsets read:
240   241   242   242   245
This bug is present in my version of Gog FRUA, it may be present in v1.2 too? Either that or my version was badly patched.
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