Author Topic: Hacking a spell to work like an ordinary missile weapon  (Read 292 times)

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Hacking a spell to work like an ordinary missile weapon
« on: April 28, 2017, 08:37:06 PM »
I'm trying to create a hoopak -- a combination of both staff and sling in one weapon. FRUA does not seem to allow the creation of a weapon that functions as both a melee weapon and a sling. When those options are selected together for an item, it doesn't seem to work correctly. However, I have an idea as to how I will create the hoopak.

The base weapon will be a melee weapon. The "use" function will enable targeting.

Using this method, and assigning the spell "magic missile" to the item, I have managed to create a cool magic weapon, a "hoopak of missile hurling" -- instead of stones it fires magic missiles, which of course never miss.

While that is a cool item in itself, I really want to create an ordinary hoopak as well. My intended approach is to hack a high-level spell (my game will be for lower level characters so 8th and 9th level spells will not be available to cast by characters) so that the spell effect replicates an ordinary sling (ie, hit depends on character's THAC0 and target's AC), and then assign that modified spell to the item. My problem is, I don't know how to do this, or even if it is possible. Can anyone help with a suggested method?

Also, ideally, I would change the combat sprite for this new "spell" so that it uses the ordinary "stone" graphic that is used by slings (while leaving the graphic used for other spells unaffected). Again, I don't know if this is possible. Any suggestions?